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Fort Worth Bridge Studio Information
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ACBL-Wide Charity Game
Fort Worth Studio
ACBL-Wide Charity Game
Nov 5, 12:30

We will be using the ACBL hands for the November 5 (Afternoon) ACBL-Wide Charity game.


From the ACBL: The spirit of giving is always in season. These games support the ACBL Charity Foundation.

Masterpoints: • 100% sectional rated black • Overall Awards: 1st, 20; depth of awards, 10 places • District Winners: 1st, 10; depth of awards, 5 places.

Winners recognized on web site and in the Bridge Bulletin.

*Hand records and analyses provided.

Arlington Duplicate Bridge Club
October Happenings
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ACBL Wide Instant Matchpoint Game
Thursday Afternoon, October 16, 2014 – Game 12:30 PM

Fort Western Regional
November 10-16

Note: Many people have had trouble with their toll tags being charged when they enter the airport for the tournament. The following instructions should help resolve these problems using the internet:
  1) Go to
  2) Go to User Preferences and you'll see Opt-In/Out to Parking and Other Toll Authority Participation
  3) Make your selection.
If the procedure doesn't work for you, try calling Customer service at 972-818-6882 or 817-731-6882.

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The Texas Star and Goodwill Awards

It is time to honor our players who contribute so much to what is good about our pastime!  Nominations are now open for the above referenced awards which will be announced at the Houston Regional, early 2015.


The Texas Star honors an individual’s exceptional service within and to our unit. We are allowed one recipient.


We can honor two individuals with a Goodwill Award. These are our ambassadors of goodwill who play frequently and consistently display courtesy, tact and kindness.


Submit your nominations with supporting documentation to Jacque Montgomery by December 1, 2014.

Bridge Lesson Opportunities

Mary Jane Orock - classes scheduled:
1) Saturday 10 AM - Noon Free Classes 

[Click here for details of the many
opportunities within the Unit]

  For example:
    Suns 1:30  Arlington - New Bridge Players/Novice
    Weds 10:30  Denton - Learn and play series

    Mentoring Games Available Too
    ADBC 3rd Weds Mentoring game 7 PM


Fort Western - Howdy Partner
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