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Arlington Duplicate Bridge Club

528 Fielder North Plaza Map
Arlington, Texas 76012

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Questions? us.

Sat 7/9

hot digity dog
1pm NAP

News and Special Games Coming Up NEXT . . .
June is a NAP month, many games will be NAP Upgraded

June 13-19:  District 16 STaC week   [results]   

June 24-26 Arlington Sectional @ Grapevine [flyer][acbl live results][acbl final results]

June 28 Birthday Tuesday evening are NAP games more...

July Preview
July is a NAP month, many games will be NAP Upgraded

 July 3 Sun
  2pm - Dessert Sunday - NAP game
  2pm - Kids Game
  July 4
      afternoon  game closed
      evening  games will be available
  July 9 Sat
      noon - Hot digity dog pot luck lunch
      1pm - Game Open NAP

July 11, Mon. evening @7:15pm:  Unit Championship Prs.

July 14 Thur. afternoon:  International Fund Game #2

July 20, Weds Mentoring Game Charity Upgrade

Our results are compatible for use with bridge solver, a Free interactive double dummy program showing impact of opening and later leads plus declarer cards played.

Heart of the Metroplex-ArlingtonSectional June24-26, 2016

[acbl live results]
[acbl final results]

Friday, July  1

Dinner @ 7pm

Game @ 7:30


Basic Entry Fee = $7 - Non Life Master Games = $6 If you don't see the yellow RESULTS bar at the top, Click Here

Arlington's Monthly Mentoring Program


OPEN PLAYERS Can Play with an under 1500player on THE THIRD WEDNESDAY NIGHT of each month!!!! This game will be scored as an Open game, and will include the table count from the 299er game for even Greater masterpoint awards!

The Next Mentoring Game will be Wednesday, July 20
Charity Upgraded Game

Note there will be a room swap for mentor game.
If you need a partner for this game email Doug Berke (


Coaching starts at 6:45.

This assures we all get out by about 10.

Many Open players want to play. Be BOLD! Linkup with an open player and learn how to play bridge the right way!

Like to Play Bridge?
Well, ... Join The Club!

Membership dues are used to support and promote bridge in Arlington.
Just pay $25.00 to the director at your next game to become a member of the


Thank you for your support.

Join The Monthly Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays for ADBC Members
Will Be Celebrated Monthly During The:

  • “Last Tuesday” Evening Games at 7:15 P.M.
  • “Last Tuesday” Morning Game (299ers) at 10:30 A.M.

Next: Birthday Tuesday!   June 28
Extra points Evening -  evening games are NAP qualifiers
Just Show Proof That Your Birthday
Falls Within The Month and ......
Your Regular Card Fee for one of the above Games is Zero !

Birthday Cake Furnished by the Club.
Come Join the Fun and Celebrate Your Birthday

With a Free Bridge Entry !!!

If you are an ADBC member and about to turn 90, 95 or 100, please let us know.
We want to have a party!(Click Here for details.)

Arlington Duplicate Bridge Club offers the following series of mini-lessons to help players improve their skills:

Beginning Bridge Lessons & 0-199 Pairs Game.

Saturdays at 9:00 AM

Enjoy a fascinating pastime. Everyone is welcome! Bring a partner or come alone. You won’t be alone for long. You can learn in just a few weeks, while meeting new friends and other interesting people.
Easy to learn! Fun to play!
Learn the world's greatest card game the Easybridge! way.

Call or Email Mary Ellen Stanton[]
(972) 623-1150
for more information

NLM Pairs Game
Non Life Master less than 300 masterpoints.
Lessons on MONDAYS at 11:30 a.m., Game at Noon.
Contact Dorothy Moore at 817-431-5129
or Email Dorothy at
We hope to see you there!

Tuesday Daytime Bridge Lesson Series

EZGoing Bridge Limited  Pairs Game
Non Life Master with less than 500 masterpoints.
10:30 AM - 2:00 PM every Tuesday

Call or Email Dorothy Moore []
817 431-5129
for more information

EZGoing Bridge 0-499 Non Life Master Game.


We will continue to have a 15-20 minute lesson on Standard American Bidding and Play of the Hand.
This will be accomplished thru bidding and play of example hands.
Our game will consist of 15-20 boards - no clock will be used but appropriate time will be expected.
Limited questions may be answered during the game.

Call or Email Dorothy Moore []
817 431-5129
for more information

FREE Mini-lesson at 6:40 pm every WEDNESDAY Evening
Followed by a 0-299 Stratified Pairs Game for the IMPROVING PLAYER
Play begins about 7:00 pm and continues until 10:00 pm.

New lesson schedule 


·      TBA
Lessons provided by:  Chuck Burke
Game directed by:

Play of the Hand

Monday Evening Lessons Starting at 7:00 p.m.
0-999 Game at 7:15, ends about 10:30 p.m.

E-mail or call Dorothy Moore at 817-431-5129 for Details

Upcoming Events:

[Click here to view/print Arlington's June 2016 Calendar pdf]
[Click here to view/print Arlington's July 2016 Calendar pdf]

The club's events will show just below in two formats Monthly and Agenda(daily)
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However with IE the full page option presented after the calendars will work so consider this option.
Chrome (Google) and Firefox do not appear to have any problems.

For general help on using Google Calendar with Bridge Events click here
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July 11, Mon. evening @7:15pm:  Unit Championship Prs.

July 14 Thur. afternoon:  International Fund Game #2

Aug. 13, Sat. afternoon:  Unit Championship prs

Sept. 10, Sat afternoon: International Fund Prs Game

Sept. 17, Sat. afternoon:  Unit Championship prs. 

Oct.14, Fri. afternoon:  ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game

Oct. 15, Sat. afternoon:  Club Appreciation Prs.

Oct. 29, Sat. afternoon, Club Appreciation Swiss

Oct. 30, Sun @ 2pm:  Club Appreciation Prs

Nov. 12, Sat. afternoon:  Unit Championship (veterans play free)

Dec. 21, Wed. evening:  International Fund Game # 3 (also mentor night)

Dec. 10, Sat. afternoon:  Unit Championship ADBC Christmas Party 

Dec. 31, Sat night:  New Year's Eve Party

Game Summary









11:30; NLM
(0 - 300 )

10:30; NLM

(0 - 500)

12:30 Open
12:30 0-1249














7:00; 0-499 NLM


7:00; 0-1500
& 0-299
6:30 EZbridge Game

* Games is scheduled for non-weekly sessions. Sat. twice a month. Sun. once a month.

Weekly Game Schedule

Lesson and Wednesday night 0-299 Game at 6:40 p.m.

Intermediate/Novice Games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Monday Night Open Game gets credit for the 0-999 Game table count, thus
"Extra Points" for placing high in the Monday Night Open game.

Tuesday Night Open Game gets credit for the 0-499 Game table count, thus
"Extra Points" for placing high in the Tuesday Night Open game.

11:30 a.m. Lesson & Non Life Master game, Tom Moore, director.
7:00 p.m. Lesson & 0-999 mps game, ends about 10:30 p.m. Dorothy Moore director.
7:15 p.m. Open Stratified game, Tom Moore, director.
10:30 a.m. Lesson & Non Life Master , Dorothy Moore, director.
7:00 p.m. Lesson& 0-499-NLM mps, Dorothy Moore, director.
7:15 p.m. Open Stratified, Ann Overfield  director.
     Note each month a Tuesday (normally last Tuesday of month) is designated as Birthday Tuesday. ($7.00 discount for adbc memger players with birthdays in that month)
12:30 p.m. Open Stratified, Dorothy Bedford, director.
12:30 p.m. 0-1249 mps,Doug Berke , director.
7:00 p.m. 0-1500 mps, Doug Berke, director.
       Once a month, normally 3rd Weds. Have mentoring night.
6:40 p.m. for Improving players: Lesson & 0-299 mps, Chuck Burke, director.
6:30 p.m. EasyBridge!, Mary Ellen Stanton director.
7:00 p.m. "Best L'il 0-3500 Game in Texas", Dee Berg, director.
10:15 a.m. Open Stratified Carol Keller, Director.
7:30 p.m. Open Stratified, Kimmel Jones, Director.
Light meal served about 7pm.
9:00 a.m. 0-199 mps, Mary Ellen Stanton director.
1:00 p.m. Open Stratified, Rotating Director. Meets about twice a month
2:00 p.m. Open Stratified , Mary Ellen Stanton.
 Meets about once a month.

Board Minutes Current ADBC By-Laws
Board Action by Email Vote By-Laws Appendix A - Club Policies (Revised February 10, 2014)
ADBC Rules We Follow By-Laws Appendix B - Standing Committees
  By-Laws Appendix C - Special Committees
CLUB BUSINESS (Click on Title to see document)

ADBC Board 2015-2016


Vice President



George Morey
George Morey

Melody Gann

Mike Peiffer

Sue Kay Reeder

Intermediate / Newcomer Games
Director Liaison

Publicity & Communications

Special Events

Dorothy Moore

Anne Ward Williams

Sue Gilbreath

Game Directors

Dorothy Bedford

Dee Berg

Doug Berke

Chuck Burke

Carol Keller

Dorothy Moore

Tom Moore

Lucky Snyder

Mary Ellen Stanton

KarenCaton (SUB)

Jim Harp (SUB)

Ann Overfield

Committees and Appointments

Studio Manager

Club Manager & Webmaster

Audit Committee



Mary Ellen Stanton/
Tom Moore

Rosalee Hacker, Chair

Chuck Burke

NLM Tournaments

Sectional Tournament

By-Laws & Policies


Dorothy Moore, Chair

Mary Ellen Stanton, Chair


Caron Peck

Studio Supplies


Coordinator of Directors

Computer Technology

Mary Ellen Stanton

Charlene Gallaty
Sandy Beyer


Tom Moore

Membership Database

Scorecard Liaison

Soda Machine

Anne Ward Williams

Melody Gann

Ben Benjamin

Arlington is an Click Here to go to ACBL's Websiteduplicate bridge club in District 16.

Arlington Bridge Club distributesclub items of interest to its membership and players.

ADBC Email Postings     Please advise us of your email address and any changes as soon as possible so that ADBC Special Announcements can be emailed to you...

Your email address is treated with confidentiality and is used strictly for ADBC postings and club directory information.  Please send your email address and all other changes such as name, address, or phone to Marguerite Lavender  (   Thank you.

Guaranteed Partner Program
The Guaranteed Partner Program is one of the most popular features our Club offers.  It provides a convenient method to allow a player without a partner - an out-of-town visitor, a member whose partner cancels just prior to game time, or a member who simply decides he wants to play at the last minute - to come to the Club and have a partner for the game.  With the Guaranteed Partner roster prominently posted for the Director's use, it is not necessary to call a Board member or the Guaranteed Partner Coordinator to see if a partner is available; simply call the Club at 817-795-1188 if you wish and the Director can tell you the status for the game.
The Guaranteed Partner Program is now being coordinated by Dorothy Bedford.  Please continue to support this program, which is considered to be a key feature of our Club.
Club Closings during Dallas and Ft. Worth Tournaments
The board has voted on the following policy concerning club closings when there is a Fort Worth or Dallas tournament.The club will be closed for all Friday through Sunday games during any Dallas or Fort Worth sectional. The club will be closed for all games during a Dallas or Fort Worth regional tournament.
Board Actions
- The board has reviewed the Zero Tolerance Policy for unacceptable behavior anddecided that it promotes an atmosphere which all of us would find more enjoyable. Therefore, the board adopted the policy for its use in our club.
- As of January 1, 2012, Regular game price is $7.00 / Non Life Master games are $6.00 (where upper MP limit is 0-500).
- ADBC players are rewarded for frequent play by using their Frequent Player Card. Obtain a free card from the director. Then bring it every time you play and the director will stamp it during one of the rounds. If you forget to bring it or put it out, tough! If you play 10 times in the calendar month you will receive a free play.
- Arlington City Ordinance states Smoking is not allowed within 50 feet of any door or window. That would make smoking permissable at or further away than the grassy island in the parking lot.
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