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There are five types of colored masterpoints:

Net Points are awarded for online play and have no pigmentation. No more than 1/3 of the masterpoints needed to achieve established ACBL status levels can be from online play.

Black Points are won in sanctioned club games and unit games and events not qualifying for red, silver or gold points.

Silver Points are awarded for events at sectional tournaments, including newcomer games and side events. Progressive Sectionals and Sectional Tournaments at Clubs also award silver points.

Red Points are awarded at regional tournaments and regional events at NABCs except for overall and section tops. Grand National Team (GNT) events and North American Pairs (NAP) events afford players the opportunity to earn red points at their local clubs.

Gold Points are awarded for placing overall and section tops in regional and NABC events where the top masterpoint limit is at least 750. Gold points may be given for special games such as the Instant Matchpoint Game, Grand National Team and North American Pair events.

Platinum Points are awarded for NABC+ events and include the nationally rated senior and women events with no upper masterpoint limit, but they are not awarded for Junior, Flight B or other restricted events.

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Stratified Tournaments


Starting Monday, November 20th, BBO will stratify all of our ACBL pair games. The result will be more Masterpoint awards and, we believe, a more level playing field.

You will notice a small change to the "Tournament Results" page that is displayed after each tournament concludes. Please refer to this ACBL website for more information on Stratified Pairs.

How it works

A stratified event divides NS and EW into 3 groups, or "strata" - A, B and C -- of roughly equal size. This stratification is based loosely on the number of ACBL Masterpoints held by each player.
In a non-stratified game only two pairs are winners -- one NS pair and one EW pair. A Stratified game produces 6 winning pairs -- three NS, one in each stratum (A, B and C.) and three EW, one in each stratum.
Of course, a B or C pair might score well enough to beat all the A pairs. Or a C pair might beat all the B pair.
In either case, the pair wins the largest award they are entitled to.

Who will I play against?

Once your pair is assigned a strata you will play against pairs from any strata. For example, if you are in Strata B you will be paired against other pairs from strata A, B or C. We have attempted to make the pairing fairly random to keep the game interesting.

There is no downside to a Stratified Tournament

A player who might not have "scratched" without stratification might very well scratch in strata B or C.
It is a case of "heads you win, tails you break even."

Shifting between strata

A player might find himself in A one day and B the next. This is because the strength of the entire field varies from day to day. Also, an expert player may have fewer Masterpoints than an intermediate player. We have made best efforts to determine stratification, but, the method for stratifying is not perfect. If you find that you are consistently placed into an unexplainable stratum please send us an email at support@bridgebase.com and we will try to investigate.