Ft. Western Unit 183 Minutes

September 15, 2010

A.  President Shirey called the meeting to order at: 5:30 P.M.

     Board members present: All, except ,Tom Nute.

B.  Minutes of August 18, 2010, board meeting, approved.

AUDIT REPORT.  Special Guest:  Bill Walker

    Bill Walker reported to the Board on the status of the audit

    requested by the Board for the calendar year, 2009.  Bill

    reported that incomplete records for 2009 were furnished

    to him, therefore, an official audit cannot be completed at

    this time. He further reported that the Treasurer’s re-

    sponsibilities are not being maintained within basic

    accounting procedures.

   Bill made the following recommendations:

   *  Financial ledgers or journals need to be maintained by the

       Treasurer and stored in a permanent location.  A secure

       file cabinet at the studio, was an option.

   *  The Treasurer needs to organize all receipts and

       expenditures in an orderly manner.

   *  Accounting software, like Quick Books 101, should be

       purchased to carry out the financial duties of the

       Treasurer.  Mr. Walker will research different soft-

       wares and report his findings to the Board.

   *  Mr. Walker suggested that the Board consider hiring

       professional help to carry out the Treasurer’s duties or

       supply professional help to the Treasurer.  (The Unit’s

       Standing Rules might have to be changed , if the Board

       approves this measure.)

   *  Mr. Walker suggested to the Board that written standard

       operating procedures need to be developed for the

       Treasurer’s position and maintained for all future


The Board extended its appreciation for Bill Walker’s knowledgeable

accounting input, ideas and recommendations.

TREASURER’S REPORT.  Tom Hughes presented his monthly report to

           the Board , and it was approved.

           *  Tom reported that Farmer’s Insurance sent a settlement check for

               for the insurance claim made for the stolen trailer, tables, boards,

               etc. for the amount of: $2,833.93, less the deductible.

           *  Tom suggested to the Board, that we consider going 'paperless’

               and that we transact all the Unit’s business, 'electronically.’

           *  Tom also suggested that 2 bank credit cards with cash ceilings

                be maintained for the purpose of buying studio supplies.


   1.  Audit Report.  See above.

   2.  October Sectional.

        a.  Election Committee.  E. Hudson, Chair, reported that the Election

            for the three new board members, is all in order.


             The following unit members have been selected and have agreed to

             serve on the Election Committee:  Larry Edwards, Mary Hoger,

             Kay Jones, Ginny Reinier, Mary Ellen Stanton, Judy Staser , C.Pinto and

             Millie Williams.  These memebers can accept absentee ballots

             from the membership and need to bring these ballots to the

             Ft. Worth Bridge Studio on: Oct. 13, 2010, after the Wednesday

             day game, 4:30 P.M. to be counted and tallied at that date.

             On October 17, 2010, the final tally of all ballots cast, whether

             absentee or in person, will be done.  The winners to be declared

             after the first half of the Swiss game.

       b.  Newsletter.  The Board thanks Diane Washabaugh for her diligent

            and timely work in the writing, printing and mailing of the ballots

            to the Unit’s membership.

       c.  Non-Profit bulk mailings. E. Hudson reported that Unit 183 has

            been mailing bulk under standard prices, not under the non-profit

            status which Unit 183 has.  Elizabeth  will start the application

            process to the United States Post Office to acquire the status of


       d.  Caddy Chair. Janet Jordan, requested  that the Board approve

            a Standing Rule change to reflect the following pay  changes

            for caddies.  Effective: 09/15/10, Head Caddy will be paid

         $40 dollars for each session, the other caddies, $30 dollars each.  All

         caddies working the last session will be paid: $50 dollars each.

         The Board also approved the Caddy Chair will be given $200 dollars

         per tournament, to be used at her/his discretion, to reward excellent

         caddy work, during tournaments.

  e.    TournamentVendor Request.  C. Pinto presented a request from

         Teresa Milford, a jewelry vendor, to sell her products  at our

          tournaments.  The Board turned this down, because, the Unit

          has a Standing Rule, that says, only ‘bridge-related’ items can

          be approved for sale in our tournaments.

3.  TELEPHONE DIRECTORY.  Janet Jordan reported that this project

           has begun, anew, under her direction, and she will make timely

           reports to the Board, as the work progresses.

4.  STUDIO DEEP CLEANING.  E. Hudson presented a letter to the

           Board from Judy Staser, regarding deep cleaning of the studio.

           Steve Shirey read the letter to the Board and discussion took

           place. (See copy of Judy’s letter , attached to these minutes).

           C. Pinto suggested that instead of hiring another group of

           cleaning people, that we pay the existing group: O’Dell,

           $25 dollars twice per month to clean, tables, chairs, etc.

            Pinto will originate a list of ‘deep-cleaning items’ to be

            covered and supply to the cleaning crew.  This arrangement

           will be on a temporary basis.

5.  DUPLIMATE.  The Board approved the purchase of the Play

            Bridge Dealer-4 for the Ft. Worth Studio.  The price is:

            $4,449.64.  All Board members approved this expenditure,

            except:  Tom Hughes and Max Jackson.


            1.  2011 tournaments. S. Shirey reported that the Board is

                 actively looking for new sites to have our tournaments.

                 Suggestions from the membership will be considered.

                 *  Plans are in the works to have one Non-Life Master

                     Tournament in conjunction with an Open Sectional.

                 *  Arlington Studio will be hosting an “An 8 is Enough” on

                     February 26, 2011.

            2.  PARKING FOR TRAILER.  Max Jackson reported to the

                 Board, that the arrangement to park the Unit’s trailer, at

                 Amy Percy’s home, did not work out.  He found a storage

                 business , close to the Ft. Worth Studio, called:  The Iron Gate,

                 and took the initiative to rent a space for September and the monthly

                 rent will be for $65 dollars with no contract, but on a monthly basis only.

                 Shirey suggested to the Board, that we start looking for bridge members

                 who might be able to store this trailer on their property.

         3.   OTHER NEW BUSINESS.  None.

         4.   SUNSHINE COMMITTEE.  M. Hirsch reported the following:


                Grace Ann Titone is ill

                Bill Gibson had surgery

                Lauren Brown had surgery

                Jimmy Reynolds’s father, passed


Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth H. Hudson