Ft. Western Unit 183 Minutes May 19, 2010

Board Member Quorum met

A. Presiden shirey called the meeting to order at : 5:30 PM.

B. The minutes for April 21, 2010, were approved.

C. Treasurer's Report. T. Hughes presented his monthly report.Tom reported that
he applied for renewal for insurance for a fee of $500 dollars, but that the
Board of Directors are not covered. E. Hudson, suggested that her husband,
D. Hudson will check with ACBL concerning this inf. Tom , also, reported that
that he will be filing for insurance reimbursal of the stolen trailer and items
inside, tables and bidding boxes.

Tom reported that the Unit is getting billed for drinking and toilet water usage,
that this fee will be included in our rent.

Income tax forms were filed and the Unit paid, $120 in taxes.

1. June Sectional.
a. Trailer. Shirey reported that the trailer will be ready for our June Sectional.
b. Bidding boxes are ready, and Janet and Max Jackson will label them as
as the property of Unit 183.
c. Extra tables bought will be sold to the Tyler unit for $19.89 per talbe.
d. Free plays for the tournament. M. Hirsch researched the Standard Comm.
rules and reported to the Board, via email, that free plays are for:
Tournament Chairperson, Treasurer, Photographer, Caddie Chairperson,
Partnership Chairperson and Equipment manager.

e. Parking Passes.Max Jackson asked for in and out privileges and a specific
permission to park the Unit's trailer at the site of the tournament.He also
got permission to buy a lock for the trailer.
f. Pulido's will be catering on Sunday, June 6, 2010.
g. Bridgemate.Arlington will share their Bridgemate equipment with us for the
June Sectional.
h. Phone Directory. T. Nute is working on a master list, and it should be completed
in about a month.

i. Audit. Hughes reported that the audit is in progress and that B. Walker will
be reviewing the insurance that is in effect.
j. Icemaker.Janet Jordan was given the ok to buy a new icemaker, Manitowoc
SM50A for $1,257.00 , with a three year warranty agreement.

a. Ads for bridge classes. C. Pinto was given permission to buy an ad in the
Star Telegram and the "Grizzly" to promote the game of bridge through
bridge lessons.

b. Unit Game. The Board accepted Linda Spangler's resignation from running
this game. The May schedule for this game will continue under the
direction of S. Shirey. Final plans for the future of this game will be discussed
in June, 2010.

c. NLM SEctional. S. Shirey reported that he applied for a sanctioned game for
August 14, 2010.

Shirey also applied for a 299'er game for Sept. 18-19.

d. Memorial Game. Mary Hoger was given permission by the Board to use
the Studio for her game on May 31, 2010. D. Washabaugh's game will
run at their regular time.

e. Director Training. Arlington will host a training workshop for directors on
the usage of the Bridgemate and Shuffler on May 22, 2010, at 10:30 AM.
Arlington Unit would like to do a new Director's Training for new Directors
on Saturdays.

f. Sunshine Comm. M. HIrsch, reported that B. Gaddy had an accident.


Respectfully Submitted,
Elizabeth Hudson