Fort Western Unit 183

Board Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2009









Present:           Tom Nute, Mary Hoger, Kay Jones, Max Jackson,  Steve Shirey,

                         Tom Hughes and Margot Hirsch, Katye Kowierschke





Tom Nute called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.  The July 15, 2009 minutes were approved

and have been posted.  Mary Hoger presented the treasurer’s report and it was approved. 

Mary is checking why we have not received bills from TXU for electricity. 


Max was requested to replace the answering machine. 


The board decided at this time we will not invest in a new ice machine we will just buy ice. 


Tickets for Mike Lawrence seminar are available.  Steve Shirey is in charge for distributing

the tickets to Directors to sell.


Patsy Walters will serve as Hospitality Chairperson.


The Nominating Committee has been formed and Tom Hughes will act as Chairperson. 


The board is still looking for an Assistant Unit Recorder.  


Kay Jones gave a status about the Regional and everything is going well.  The food and parking

has been significantly reduced.   


The Unit will pay for Darlene Shirey (Partnership Chairperson) and Carolyn Pinto (Caddie

Chairperson) to have rooms at the Omni during the Regional.


Bob Marvin will receive a $500 stipend and lodging for working on the Daily Bulletins for

the Regional.





No New Business was discussed at this meeting. 


The meeting was adjourned at 6:44 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Carolyn Pinto

Secretary-Unit 183