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Board Meeting Minutes 
April 22, 2009

Present:        Tom Nute, Mary Hoger, Kay Jones, Max Jackson, Steve Shirey,
Margot Hirsch, Tom Hughes, Carolyn Pinto, Katye Kowierschke

Tom Nute called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.  The March 25, 2008 minutes were approved and have been be posted  Mary Hoger presented the treasurer’s report and it was approved. 


Tom Hughes and Kay Jones presented additional information concerning the Regional.

Valet parking is $18.00.  Parking in the garage next to the Omni is $12.00. 
There will be a limited number of courtesy rooms available at the Omni.  The board will have to decide who will receive a courtesy room. 

Registration gift is to be limited to $5.00 a bag and Diane Washabaugh is in charge of this task. The major gift will be a lunch bag.  

Margot Hirsch will get the badges for the board members and the caddies.
Tom Nute will talk to  J'neane Huey and Bob Marvin and see who will do the daily bulletins.

The Grand Opening for the Fort Worth Studio will be June 20th.  Diane Washabaugh will be asked to take the lead on getting this event organized.  

Next month the board will discuss the particulars i.e., directors, one game or separate 0-500 game, and the budget.

Mary Hoger will present next month a proposed policy for no rent for fill-ins.

Mary Hoger gave the  the unit gift certificates to Tom Nute and in the future we will have to decide how to dispense these certificates. 

Ron Segerlind donated $200.00 to the unit for plastic ware.  A Thank You card from the board will be sent to Ron for this generous gift. 

Margot Hirsch and Kay Jones provided a draft copy of Standing Committees and Facility Utilization by Outside Groups/Organizations. 

They are asking the board to review and provide approval/comments. 



Mike Lawrence Seminar will be discussed next month. 

Arlington request for a NLM tournament to be held on August 15th-16th was approved.

Carolyn Pinto attempted to discuss holding smaller games in the education room.  Most members did not believe at this time it is necessary.   

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn Pinto
Secretary-Unit 183