Fort Western Unit 183

Board Meeting Minutes

March 25, 2009




Present:           Tom Nute, Mary Hoger, Kay Jones, Max Jackson, Steve Shirey,
Margot Hirsch, Tom Hughes, Carolyn Pinto

Absent:            Katye Kowierschke

Tom Nute called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.  The February 18, 2009 minutes were approved and has been be posted  Mary Hoger presented the treasurer’s report and it was approved. 


The board addressed several issues regarding the new studio and it was decided  no rear door light will be needed.  We did approve the purchase of 12 new chairs to replace the metal

chairs in the smaller playing area. 

The Unit Awards night is on schedule and Tom Nute is responsible for notifying everyone by letter if they are receiving an award. Carolyn Pinto volunteered to help Tom get the letters prepared for his signature and submittal. 

Carolyn Pinto recommended and it was approved in the future we will not provide snacks during the session at our Sectionals.  However, we will continue to have chocolate in the candy jars.    

Margot Hirsch compared our Standing Rules Committees and our Unit Committees to determine if changes are required.  Her recommendation was provided to the board for review.  A committee was formed to further define the need of these committees.  The members are Margot Hirsch, Kay Jones, and Tom Nute

Kay Jones is working diligently to find a place for our November Sectional. 

The bag that Diane Washabaugh would like to get for Registration for the Regional was presented to the board.  No decision was made at this time. 

Tom Hughes presented the Regional schedule and the board requested Tom Hughes and Steve Shirey to complete the schedule and submit to the Scorecard and the ACBL. 

Carolyn Pinto provided information on the Arlington raffle and the board decided at this time we do not want to pursue any type of raffle. 



Carolyn Pinto was informed no rent would be required for her 0-100 game at this time. 

Further discussions regarding the Regional will be continued next month.  The following is a tentative schedule of the committees:

Daily Bulletin – Carolyn Pinto assigned to determine candidates for this position. 
Flyers – Restaurants – Margot Hirsch
Publicity – ??????? (Maybe we can ask Mary Alice Giordano)
Seminars – Steve Shirey
Prizes – Janet Jordan
Registration - Diane Washabaugh
Flyers for Nationals – Steve Shirey
Schedule – Tom Hughes and Steve Shirey
Hotel Liaison (Food) – Kay Jones and Katye Kowierschke
Decorations – Kay Jones will check with the Hotel to see what we can do for decorations and then we will decide if we need a committee.

Caddies – Carolyn Pinto and Katye Kowierschke
Partnerships – Darlene Shirey and Millie Williams
Logistics/Supplies – Max Jackson
Badges for Board Members/Committee Members - ???????

The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn Pinto
Secretary-Unit 183