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Aug. 26-Sept. 1 Dallas Labor Day Regional

Aug15-16 Dorsey 299er Sectional

August Unit Game Winners:
Band Open:Siming Hui -Jianbo Chen
Band 299:Carla Joiner -Michael Chockley
Dorsey's:Stephen Sinclair-Thomas Leberman

August Table Talk.

Mini-Mac  Leaders 140713
0-100 1.Denise Strueber                 134.14
2.Karen Cohen                        93.29
100-200 1.John Ellis                             120.14
2.Crag  & Mary Ann Briney                        
200-300 1. Susan Colby                        75.33
2.Josephine Basel                  56.63
300-1000 1. Eric Diamond                    214.35
2.Reg Watt                            106.63
1000-2500 1.Bill & Donna Garrard 166.66
2. Joe Gill                              160.64
2500-4000 1.Michael Hout                      303.69
M.Aslam Ansari                  230.32
4000+ 1.S Kohan                              299.76
2.Linda Spangler                    273.47

July Unit Game Winners:
Band Open:Gail Wells-Suresh Agrawal
Band 299:Craig Briney-Mary Ann Briney
Dorsey's:Edward Yetter-Milt Neher
Friendly:Joyce Davis-Molly Gunter

June Unit Game Winners:
Band Open:Gail Wells-Suresh Agrawal
Band 299:Mel Feil-Merrily Feil
Dorsey's:Linda Spangler Stan Kohen
Friendly:Jay Gibson - Lenny Schaen



















Unit Pairs Games are usually scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of the month, at 1:30 p.m. BAND hosts a 49er, 299er,and Open game. Dorsey’s hosts a 299er and Open game. Eligibility for the limited games is based on your points as reported in the most recent month’s Bridge Bulletin. Refreshments will be served at all locations, and the individual cost for the Unit Pairs Game is $10. Schedule

Add Sept. 7 – NAP Flight C Unit Finals at BAND

Sept. 14-Unit Game-Band and Dorsey's

Sept. 26-28 Dorsey's 99er Sectional

Oct. 5 – NAP Flight B Unit Finals at Dorsey’s
Oct. 12 – Unit Game
Oct. 19 – NAP Flight A Unit Finals at BAND
Oct. 20-26-Corpus Christi Regional
Oct. 23-Unit Team Game at Dorsey’s
Oct. 30-Nov. 2-Dallas Fall Sectional