Board of Directors Meeting

April 8, 2015



The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm by acting president, George Morey



MEMBERS  PRESENT:          Melody Gann                        Dorothy Moore

Sue Gilbreath                          George Morey

                                                            Marguerite Lavender             Sue Kay Reeder  


MINUTES:       Minutes from March Board Meeting were approved by email.




The following officers were elected:


President                     George Morey

Vice President             Melody Gann

Treasurer                    Sue Kay Reeder

Secretary                     Marguerite Lavender


The following were appointed to fill key positions:


Director Liaison                      Dorothy Moore

Special Events                         Sue Gilbreath

Studio Manager                      Melody Gann


In addition, the board unanimously elected Anne Ward Williams to fill the vacant board position.  Anne will be in charge of communications. 


The responsibilities of the vacant Club Manager position will be managed on a temporary basis by several people:

.  Master Calendar/ACBL Liaison – Melody Gann

            .  Webmaster – Tom Moore.  Anne Ward Williams has volunteered to work with Tom in learning

               the web master.

            .  Game receipts Collection/Accounting & ACBL Monthly Reporting – George Morey

The board expressed its appreciation to Bill White for his many years of service as club manager. 


Melody and Sue will coordinate to ensure there are no conflicts involving special events in the Master Calendar.  Sue indicated that she and Charlie Brown could assist Melody with some of the light maintenance activities at the club (e.g. changing light bulbs and filters).


For the remainder of the year, our club’s unit coordinators will be Becky Koeningseder with Nancy Kornegay to follow next year. 



Board of Directors Meeting

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The board reconfirmed the policy for preparing two sets of boards for each Saturday Game and three sets of boards for membership games.


The board agreed if a director is unable to direct a game for which he or she is responsible, the director will be responsible to find a director sub for that game.  If unable to find a sub, the director liaison, Dorothy Moore, will be responsible for appointing a substitute. 


The director liaison will provide ongoing training to directors.  We want to prevent discrepancies between how a game is advertised and how the game is conducted.    Recently a game was advertised as a charity game where charity fees were not charged.  Master points were increased to cover the players but extra charges for the charity game were absorbed by the club. 


Further discussion will commence at the next board meeting on director’s responsibilities and the relationship between the board, the directors and the club members.   





The club’s membership voted to sponsor the following charities for 2015:

-          Arlington Life Shelter

-          Meals on Wheels

-          New Day

-          Safe Haven


Unit 183 has agreed to reimburse our club $75 for each game that we close for Unit 183 tournaments. 


The Arlington Bridge Camp will be held from 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Monday, July 27th thru Friday, July 31st.  This camp will accommodate 1st graders through high school.  ACBL will reimburse our club $350 for each 8 students who attend.  The goal is to have at least 16 but a total of 24 could be accommodated.


There was discussion regarding our T.G.I.F. games.  A volunteer is needed who would be willing to coordinate a number of cooks on a rotational basis.  Sue Gilbreath, Dorothy Moore and Anne Ward Williams will be responsible for identifying the individual. 


In addition, there was discussion about recruiting volunteers to provide assistance for our special events, particularly on Saturday.  Sue Gilbreath will be coordinating this effort.  It is our hope that 4 or 5 club members will sign up for at least one scheduled event during the year.  It’s an opportunity for members to work together thus getting to know one another and fostering a more cohesive membership.


Dorothy Moore and Mary Ellen Stanton will be the buyers for the ADBC’s Sam’s Club account.


Board of Directors Meeting

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See Addendum to the minutes




SPECIAL EVENTS:              Arlington Location Only        



4/18/15            Saturday  -  Spring Fling – Charity Pairs – Pot Luck

5/4 – 5/10        Monday – Sunday - STaC week including Swiss Teams on Saturday, May 9           

5/16/15            Saturday – Cinco  Day - Charity Pairs – Pot Luck

5/31/15            Sunday Afternoon Swiss Teams

6/5 & 6             Friday & Saturday   WW Bridge Contest

6/13/15            Saturday – Declarer Play Workshop by Chuck Burke & Caron Peck

6/21/15            Sunday -  Longest Day and Father’s Day Swiss

7/4/15              Saturday -  July Special Game

7/15/15            Wednesday -  Int’l ACBL Fund Game

7/18/15            Saturday -  Sweltering Pairs

7/24 -7/26        Friday-Sunday  -  ADBC Grapevine Sectional

7/27 – 7/31      Monday – Friday – Arlington Bridge Camp


The next meeting will be Monday, May 11th at 5:00 p.m.




Marguerite Lavender

Secretary, ADBC























Board of Directors Meeting

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Attached are the March 2015 Financial Statements. Please print off the pages you need to discuss at the next board meeting.


Table Count

The March 2015 YTD table count was higher by 124 tables (13%) over the prior year period due primarily to the new Wednesday game (+104.5 tables), special games (+38.5 tables) and an increase in weekly games (+8.5 games) offset by a suspended/discontinued games (-27.5 tables). Although weekly game participation is up YTD despite the loss of an estimated 24 tables (4 games) due to weather, the increase is very disappointing given: 1) the Dallas Nationals in March 2014 which cost the club and estimated 135 tables and 2) the change in timing for the Arlington Sectional which allowed for additional Friday/Saturday games this year (an estimated 35 tables).


Average table count for weekly games was 5.57 for March YTD vs. 5.53 for the prior year period and 5.50 for the prior year.



 Table Count 2014 YTD




 Increase In Special Game Tables



 New Wednesday Game



 Suspended Thursday Game



Discontinued Sunday Game



Increase In Other Weekly Games (See Note)



Table Count 2015 YTD



 Note: ADBC lost an estimated 135 tables to the Dallas NABC in March 2014 and an estimated 35 tables due to the Arlington Sectional in February 2014


Financial Overview

The club posted a surplus of $5,492 for March YTD – a $531 increase from the prior year which includes $1,889 income from the Arlington Sectional. This year’s sectional has been moved to the summer. YTD profit margins prior to Tournament Income have increased from 10% in the prior year period to 16% in the current period. The major reasons are:1) lower percentage of free plays given (9% YTD vs. 12% in the prior year period), 2) timing of Bridge Supplies, 3) lower Club Supplies spending, 4) lower ACBL – All Other fees and 5) improved margins due to the higher % of Special Games and 999er and higher games which are more profitable than weekly games below the 999er level.



·         Membership for 2015 is 215 through March vs. 211 for the prior year period and 232 for full year 2014. 


·         The Thursday novice game is currently shown as Suspended and will not restart unless three tables are certain.