Updated 13 January 2007

Arlington Duplicate Bridge Club
Standing Committees
(Appendix B to Club By-Laws)

Standing committees will be established as deemed necessary by the Board. The Chairman of each standing committee shall be appointed annually by the Club President with the approval of the Board of Directors. The Committee chairman may or may not be a member of the Board of Directors, unless otherwise indicated.

  1. Studio Committee.
    1. Chairman of this committee shall be the Studio Manager, a position filled by one of the elected at-large Board members.
    2. Is responsible for all facility supplies. (A petty cash fund of $300 is to be advanced by the Treasurer, as needed, for the purchase of expendable supplies, exclusive of bridge supplies. Such monies shall be reimbursed monthly upon receipt by the Treasurer of an itemized report showing items purchased and amounts expended with applicable receipts attached.)
    3. Is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the bridge studio and its contents.
    4. Shall be the Board Point of Contact for the appointed Decorating Liaison and shall oversee routine and special housekeeping activities for the Club.
  2. Publicity Committee.
    1. Chairman of this committee shall be one of the remaining at-large Board members.
    2. Shall be responsible for all club publicity and the club newsletter.
    3. Subject to the direction and control of the Board, and as long as it is economically feasible, will typically publish the club newsletter monthly, but quarterly at a minimum; copies are furnished at the Club and electronically via the Club website.
    4. Shall be responsible for the club calendar; copies of the current and next monthís calendar are furnished at the Club; Webmaster is notified of upcoming events in a timely manner so the Website can be kept current.
    5. Shall prepare articles for local papers or bridge media as directed by the Board.
  3. Special Events & Social Activities Committee.
    1. Chairman of this committee shall be one of the remaining at-large Board members.
    2. Subject to the direction and control of the Board, shall be responsible for identifying, scheduling, and coordinating all club special events and social activities.
    3. Shall insure that a club social event is planned once a month, at a minimum.
    4. Shall coordinate a club party for any members when they achieve Life Master status, at the club game of the memberís choice.
    5. Shall coordinate with game directors for events planned.
    6. Note: Special games such as Grand National Pairs/Teams, Charity games, NAP Qualifying games, and so forth are coordinated by the Club Manager and are under the control of the Board. Such events are outside the scope of the duties of this committee.
  4. Hospitality and Membership Committee.
    1. Shall promote membership in the club.
    2. Shall appoint members to meet and greet new players at selected scheduled games.
    3. Shall contact members with lapsed memberships or players who have been absent from the club for extended periods of time to re-establish contact and reactivate memberships.
    4. Shall generate and submit ideas to the Board for events and programs that will encourage greater participation in all club activities.
    5. Shall oversee the Guaranteed Partner Program (GPP) and insure that a point of contact for the GPP is selected and that the GPP roster is up to date and posted at the club.
  5. Education Committee.
    1. Oversee and promote the teaching programs at the Club.
    2. Serve as the Intermediate/Novice Coordinator, and as such, propose for Board approval and coordinate programs and/or events to encourage participation and enhance the bridge skills of members and players who are below Bronze Life Master status (e.g. Mentoring programs).
  6. Nominating Committee.
    1. Shall function as provided for in the Club By-Laws.
    2. To be established annually not later than January 15th to prepare a slate of candidates for the upcoming annual membership meeting and Board election.
    3. The committee shall be chaired by a member of the Board of Directors who is not a candidate in the upcoming election.
    4. Shall consist of five members, the chairman and four members from the Club general membership.
    5. For the annual election for the Board, the committee shall present a slate of consenting nominees, at least twice the number to be elected if possible.
  7. Audit Committee.
    1. To be established annually not later than February 15th by the Board of Directors.
    2. Perform an audit of Club financial records and prepare a report to be delivered at the annual membership meeting in March.)