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District 16 is one of five districts that has been chosen to receive the “Charity of the Year” grants for 2014.

Beginning in 2005, the ACBL Charity Foundation began issuing grants--these grants are now referred to as Charities of the Year.

If you have a charity that you would like to be considered for a grant, please submit your request—the organization must be a designated 501 (c) 3 organization.  Please include any information that may be helpful in understanding why the organization should be considered and in need of receiving the grant. Also, include the name, address and contact person/information of the organization.

Please note that grants will not be awarded to any organization related to bridge. There are two other foundations that award grants specifically to the bridge community:  Educational Foundation and Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge.

Request for grants must be received by July 1, 2014.   Please submit your request to:  Nancy Strohmer, District 16 Charity Committee Chair, 114 Broad Oaks Court, Houston, TX 77056 / nastrohmer@yahoo.com.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Strohmer (Houston) nastrohmer@yahoo.com or committee members Jim Harp (Dallas) harpiii@aol.com,or Larry Davis (Austin) larrysdavis@att.net.

April Unit Game Winners:
Band Open:Evelyn Shagman - Nancy Jipp
Band 299:Denise Strueber-JohnEllis
Dorsey's:John Spessard-Farell Shaftel
Friendly:Joanne Crandall-Pat Graham

April 4-6-Band 299'r Sectional--Results

April 4-6 – GNT District Finals – Flights A & C – Houston, TX--Results

Spring National Daily Bulletins and Results

March Unit Game Winners:
Band Open:Billie Dalton-Delilah Perkinson
Band 299:Jill Hartel-John Hartel
Dorsey's:Michael Murphy - Suresh Agrawal
Friendly:Marc Poe -Stan Kohan

Congratulations to the following teams qualifying for the District GNT:
1.Bonnie Yetter, Edward Yetter, Milt Neher, B. Morgan
2. Harry Elliott, Bob Wilkin, David Goldfarb, Don Varvel
3.Pawel Hanus, Boqumil Knypinski, Donna Gerrard, William Garrard,Jr.

March 6-9 Big Time in BIG D Sectional
Thur Results Fri Results Sat Results Sun Results
ACBL Results

February Unit Game Winners:
Band Open:Jim Harp - Suresh Agrawal
Band 1500:Alma Farley - Robert Clarke
Band 299:Judy Noble-Melanie Munnell
Dorsey's:Linda Spangler-S Kohan
Friendly:Marc Poe Mike Murphy

Feb Table Talk is available

Congratulations to Marion Gebhardt, the Unit 176 Texas Star Award winner for 2013. Click here for more information.

Congratulations to Marian Maley, the Unit 176 Goodwill Member of the Year for 2013. Click here for more information.

Congratulations to the new officers of the Dallas Bridge Association:
President – Cheryl Clark
Vice President – David Greims
Secretary – Susan Keyes
Treasurer – Ed Yetter

Congratulations also to the newly elected Board members: Catherine Tucker, Ed Yetter and Jim Harp (re-elected).

Congratulations to CHRIS COMPTON for winning the ACBL 2013 Barry Crane Top 500 Race. This means Chris won more master points than the other 166,000 members of the ACBL for the calendar year 2013! Well done, Chris.

Jan. 24-26 – BAND 99er Sectional – Results













Unit Pairs Games are usually scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of the month, at 1:30 p.m. BAND hosts a 49er, 299er,and Open game. Dorsey’s hosts a 299er and Open game. Friendly hosts an Open Game(all as attendance warrants). Eligibility for the limited games is based on your points as reported in the most recent month’s Bridge Bulletin. Refreshments will be served at all locations, and the individual cost for the Unit Pairs Game is $10. Schedule

2014 GNT Schedule

May 4 Unit Game

May 12-18 District STaC Week

May 24-26 – GNT District Finals, Flt. B and Superflight