D16 Board of Directors Election

Steven Kornegay

Hi, everyone,

I am running for District 16 Director (Dan Morse's former position) against Paul Cuneo, and I am asking for your vote. Here is some information about me for your consideration.

I have been a Bridge enthusiast for over 40 years amassing over 11,000 points. I met my wife Nancy at the bridge table and we are what I would call a rarity, a husband and wife pair playing exclusively together for the last 34 years. At the Regional tournament in San Antonio last month she went over the 10,000 master point mark so you should see her picture in an upcoming bulletin!

Over the years both as a player and a club game director, I have come to recognize that there are several reasons why people play duplicate bridge. There are some who want to learn and increase their knowledge to become more competitive. Others love the social aspect of the game and come to play because their friends are there. Some prefer to compete at their level in the Limited games, staying away from the Open games and still others might just come for the food…! Whatever the reason, whomever is elected needs to recognize all types players and realize that if we are going to grow as an organization, we need to be sure to address the needs of each of those types of players. Recognizing why a person plays this game will help to increase new player growth and keep our existing players coming to the clubs.

My bio:

To sum all this up, I would love to be on the ACBL board of directors as Bridge is the best mind game in the world. I have the Business Management experience, 40 years of Bridge experience (club level and tournament level play), 40 years of electronic, business management and IT experience. My corporate position dealt with hardware and software that was used in the stores – this might be my greatest skill set as I believe there is great potential for improvement and growth in this area.

I truly love this game and now I have the time to help it prosper.

Thank you for your considerationof my candidacyand special thanks to Ira Hessel, Nagy Kamel, Mike & Nancy Passell, Peggy Sutherlin and Mickey Tyron for their endorsements and support.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.