San Francisco 2007 Report

Bridge players loved San Francisco they came in droves; 14,858 tables; 1800 more than expected. The weather was good and many restaurants were in walking distance, the Host committee lead by Bruce Blakely did an excellent job. Everyone loved it so much the ACBL signed up to come back in 5 years.


I was reelected to the WBF as a delegate from ACBL.

Our headquarters building in Memphis was sold so now we have to relocate. We are looking at 4 possible locations, Memphis (includes northern Mississippi), Orlando, Atlanta, and Dallas all good locations. Any one with good political connections in Dallas please call or e-mail me.

2007 was a great year for the ACBL. Membership was up, the number of tables at all level increased, and income surged to over a million dollars. As a result there will be no increases (of any kind) in dues or fees to our members. I hope we can continue to see membership and number of tables increase in 2008. In particular online ACBL sanctioned Bridge surges to 325,000 games in 2007. We may very well reach 3 Million sanctioned games in 2007 which would be the first time in ACBL history.

Starting now for year 2007 all units and districts are subject to new IRS rules and all must file a tax return. (Form 990 I believe).

The ACBL established reduced junior fees at NABC’S

a. All juniors get $10.00 off per session.

b. Members that are less than 16 can play fee at regional events.

The revised Master point plan was approved effective 1-1-08. Details will be on the ACBL web page. The elimination and consolidation of club events will be effective 1-1-09.

The ACBL extended the contract for its CEO Jay Baum to July 2011.

A new club game version of ACBLScore (version 7.50) is available at

A new flat sanction fee for STAC’S will start in 2008 (this would be a per table fee).

The ACBL is continuing to evaluate the two available wireless scoring devices.

A committee will be formed composed of Management and Tournament Director Members to discuss a paradigm of TD’s future structures.

When a witness’s testimony is critical to a disciplinary hearing the witness is required to appear or provide a signed statement.

Under extreme circumstances management may cancel a club’s sanction and/or the club director’s accreditation.

The NAP formula for awarding extra pairs to the final was changed. From now on it will be based on percentage of participation at the club level. I was told this would not have prevented our District from getting an extra pair this year.

A committee will be formed to study the requirements to become a Life Master (some people think it has become too easy)

The first ever Youth NABC will be held July 3-6 in Atlanta, Georgia. Registration is open to anyone 19 or younger with fewer than 5000 master points. You can get more information at

I am looking forward to 2008 when I will be President of the ACBL. I will be traveling around ACBL land much more than normal but I will try and stay in touch by e-mail if any one needs me. I hope to see many District 16 members at one of our National’s (Detroit, Las Vegas, or Boston.

Here’s hoping we all have a wonderful 2008

Dan Morse