Chicago: Dan Morse's Report
of the Summer Nationals - July 2006

Chicago, the Windy City, had some wind and a little rain but overall the weather was warm but nice for walking out to the many restaurants in the area. In spite of there being five other conventions in the city at the same time, most of the people were able to find a room. The tournament was a success with 13,373 tables in play at the Chicago Hyatt, which had a very large and nice playing area that could have held even more. The local volunteers were great with nightly entertainment and food which was plentiful and readily available.


ACBL is now providing all units and districts and their committee members (D&O) directors and officers, insurance.

In order to be covered from the inception (July 11, 2006), the one-page form must be signed by the President of each Unit and returned to Philadelphia Insurance prior to August 10, 2006. Please fax or mail a copy of the application to Memphis Headquarters. Units that have their own paid up insurance policy are well advised to obtain legal and insurance advice prior to deciding cancellation of their policy. There is a $5,000 deductible with a $1,000,000 liability limit. Slander and libel are covered, provided the slander or libel was not made with knowledge that it was false. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact the insurance agent, Bill Parks, at Phone: 610-573-5614 or fax: 610-391-7216.


Management is in negotiation to sell the ACBL Product Store. Management is authorized to set fees and conditions when providing mailing lists to officials and clubs.


The ACBL/AARP bridge events are off to a good start with 13 tables in play in Chicago. The focus is on the event at the AARP Convention at the end of the year in California.


The Laws, Hall of Fame, Competition & Convention and other such committees have new rules. The incoming President, after consultation with the committee Chair, appoints committee members subject to approval by the ACBL Board at the Spring NABC. Each committee elects its Chairman from among its members. All committees start the day after the Spring NABC for one year, ending at the conclusion of the following spring NABC.


Designated Education Foundation and International Fund Days have been eliminated. The ACBL website, which lists the all-time top masterpoint holders, shall include the names of the deceased players interspersed with the numbered list.

Effective 2007, the NABC Senior KO will start on Friday instead of Sunday. This will eliminate the problem of the final conflicting with the start of the three-day Reisinger/North American Swiss.

Units will no longer have jurisdiction over conduct and ethics violations at the club level; the one exception will be alleged cheating or other serious breaches of ethics.

Modified some regulations in the GNT conditions of contest and decided to strictly enforce regulations concerning residence of players for GNT purpose.

Recommended that the ACBL Charity Foundation and Educational Foundation consider merging. (This decision will be made by the two foundations.)

Approved model bylaws for units. Interested units may ask for a copy. (If only to check the bylaws you have.)

Management is authorized to set fees and conditions when providing mailing lists to officials and clubs.


A Goodwill Committee appointment is a lifetime appointment as long as the member is a member in "good standing." If a member loses good standing, the appointment shall be suspended until the member regains good standing. Expulsion from the ACBL, suspension for one year or longer, or probation for two years or longer will result in permanent removal from the Goodwill Committee.


Patron members' dues will no longer automatically have a part of their fee go to the ACBL Charity and Education Foundations. Instead, patron members will have the option of donating additional funds to either organization.

A motion to change the Senior age from 55 to 60 was soundly defeated.

Blue Ribbon eligibility was changed. When a KO at an NABC runs 7 days or longer, the first 16 earn eligibility. In a NAGBC+ six-session event with no upper masterpoint limit, 1-15 and all ties are eligible.

We are sorry to say that long time meeting planner Nancy Foy has resigned. We will miss her very much and wish her luck at her new employment.

In many areas of the country units and clubs charge players under 16 just $1 to play in order to encourage more young players. Tell your units and clubs if you think this is a good ideal.

See you at the tables,