New York: Dan Morse's Report
of the Summer Nationals - July 2004

13,330 tables were in play in New York - many more than the predicted table count of 11-12 thousand with the ACBL setting a record for foreign players ( 42 countries participated in the tournament). Local hospitality members went all out to show the visitors a great time. New York was expensive but the $159.00 room was a good rate for a New York Hilton. The weather even cooperated - a few light thunderstorms lowered the heat factor and there were many beautiful days. Varied good restaurants were within walking distance. It was a pleasure to have playing areas within the hotel. We thank the Districts 3 and 24 for co-sponsoring this NABC and for their work and hospitality which was appreciated by all.

Two new Life Master Rankings were approved by the Board of Directors.

Players with 7500-9999 masterpoints will become Emerald Life Masters

Players with 10,000 points who have not met the criteria required for a Grand Life Master will become Platinum Life Master.

Races will be posted as soon as ACBL completes the computer programming.

Dues will increase effective January 1, 2005, they were last increased January 1, 2001. Changes are as listed below.

2004 2005
First Time New Membership From $24.00 to $26.00
Student From $12.75 to $14.00
Non Life Master From $32 00 to $35.00
Life Master From $29.00 to $32.00

You can save money if you renew or extend you membership before December 31, 2004.

Major changes to "special games" allowed in clubs will take effect January 1, 2005.

Junior Fund, Charity, & International Fund games will now be awarding equal Master Points.

For a $1.00 fee per player every club game may be designated Junior Fund, Charity or International game and master points will be greatly increased.

This new regulation will maintain February as Junior Fund month and will establish April as Charity month and September as International month. All these games will be treated in the same manner as Junior Fund games.

In months other than February, April, and September clubs may hold as many or as few of these special games as they desire for $1.00 per player.

I urge the Clubs and Managers to hold as many of these games as their membership is willing to support.

The upward trend in ACBL membership is continuing. From June 2003 through June 2004 we gained 1312 in new members. The bad news is District 16 is not increasing its membership and we are down from June 2003. I would like to see every Unit & Club make an effort to participate actively in membership recruitment so we can reverse this trend for District 16 and contribute to increasing membership and retention.

Management has been in discussion with cable channel regarding bridge as part of their 2005 programming. I hope they are successful.

There was more Junior Bridge in New York than at any tournament I have attended.

The first World Schools Team Championships, a Junior Individual, Trials to pick a US team for the 2005 Junior World Championship, the WBF/ACBL Bridge Camp, the finals of a Collegiate Team Championship, a Junior Scholarship game, and Junior day festivities.

The Junior Individual event attracted 120 Junior players from around the world. A great turnout.

ACBL management was asked to investigate and develop a pilot program for Youth Camps limited to junior players 21 and under.

The schedule for nationally rated events at NABC's was modified. In particular, the summer schedule is greatly improved. The Senior Swiss moves from Tuesday/Wednesday to Monday/Tuesday. The Open Pairs II moves from Thur/Friday in the spring to Tues/Wed in the summer, The Mixed BAM Teams and Fast Open Pairs move form the final weekend to the second Thursday/Friday. The IMP Pairs moves from Thursday/Friday in the summer to Thursday/Friday in the spring. Finally, a new four session Open Swiss will be added to the final Saturday/Sunday of the Summer NABC.

Effective January 1, 2005 Patron members dues will increase to $250.00 for individuals and $350.00 for Households.

It's not to early to make plans to attend the March 2006 National in Dallas. The volunteers in Dallas are working hard to make this a very special Tournament.

See you at the tables.

Dan Morse