New Orleans: Dan Morse's Report of the Fall Nationals - November 2003

New Orleans was a great place for a NABC -- fabulous restaurants within walking distance, great hospitality, a party atmosphere, and 12,402 tables in play during the tournament. This was more than usual for a Fall National. ACBL Management liked this tournament so much they have already agreed to go back to New Orleans in 2010.

Monte Carlo: Special congratulations to the following District 16 players who were prominent in the Monte Carlo World Championships, where U.S. teams won the most events -- first and third place in the Bermuda Bowl; first and fourth place in the women's Venice Cup; first and third in the Seniors Bowl. District 16 members prominent in those victories were Bob Hamman, Toby Sokolow, John Sutherlin, John Mohan, Bobby Wolff and Dan Morse. Congratulations to all winners.

Reisinger Winners: another District 16 coup for Malcolm Brachman, Mike Passell and Eddie Wold, Congratulations to them for a great win.

New ACBL President: The new ACBL president is Bruce Reeve from District 7. He will visit our district in February at the Lone Star Regional in Houston.

2004 ACBL Honorary Member: Sidney Lazard of Dallas.

ACBL Disciplinary Committee: Peggy Sutherlin of Dallas was appointed to a three-year term on the ACBL Disciplinary Committee.

Good Will and Charity Committees: I am proud to announce my appointments for the 2004 lifetime memberships to the Goodwill Committee and the Charity Committee. To the Good Will Committee, Chris and Donna Compton of Dallas. To the Charity Committee, Marsha Bernstein of Houston and Carol Schoenhals of Lubbock.

Good Will Replacement Pins: The ACBL no longer will charge for the replacement of lost Good Will pins.

ACBL Membership Up: Membership is up about 600 members from December 2002 through December 2003. This is not a great increase, but for a change is it nice to see a small increase instead of decreases as we have seen in the past. Units and districts, keep up the good work.

Finances: We are in good shape financially, so dues will not go up this January. Dues last went up in 2001. Hurrah! The Finance Committee worked hard to produce a break-even budget for 2004 with minimal price increase. One increase will be for NABC entry fees. They are going up $1 per player per session with 25 percent of the increase going to the local organization to be used for hospitality.

New York NABC: New York, which is hosting the Summer NABC Championships, asked for and received permission for (1) starting times of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (4:30 p.m. when screens are in place) for the Spingold and Women's knockouts. The Mini-Spingold will use the same starting times beginning with the round of 8 when the screens are in place; and (2) a two-session regionally rated Stratified Pairs game for the benefit of the International Fund and the ACBL Education Foundation. There will be single session events available for the International Fund in the afternoon and for the Education Foundation at night.

North American Pairs: In an effort to stimulate renewed interest, the North American Pairs will be promoted more extensively at all levels, and the club-level sanction fee will be reduced to $1 per person. It will no longer be necessary for a player to be a member of the unit where the North American Pairs is being played.

Future NABC's: The Board of Directors accepted management's recommendations for Washington, D.C., to host the 2009 summer NABC and for Philadelphia to host the 2012 summer NABC. National tournaments are a lot of fun. Start now thinking about Reno, New York and Orlando in 2004.

World Bridge Federation: The ACBL Board reaffirmed its commitment to the World Bridge Federation and will pay dues of 50 cents for all active ACBL members. The World Bridge Federation changed the age requirements for senior events from 55. The age limit will be increased by one year in 2005 and will be increased by one every year untilthe age of 60 is reached. This will be on the Board of Directors agenda at the ACBL’s next meeting in Reno and it has a good possibility of passing.

Junior Bridge: The 2005 World Junior Championship will be in Sydney, Australia. A two-session stratified regionally junior pair event was approved for the Summer NABC. A fund has been started that will award scholarships to the winners. (Not definite but over 90 percent.) The first youth challenge competition will take place in New York on July 13-14, 2004, during the summer nationals. Three teams from Europe will play against three teams from the ACBL (two from the United States and one from Canada). All participants must have been born on or after Jan. 1, 1983, to be

United States Bridge Federation: Effective 2004, an annual regional will be awarded to a district of the USBF’s choice For the purpose of supporting teams representing the United States in international competition.