December 15, 2002

Phoenix Report

Phoenix was a great tournament. the attendance was just under 12,500 tables, considerably more than expected. congratulations to the local volunteers for all their hard work. DISTRICT 16 players had a terrific tournament. Double winners in major events were Shawn Quinn, Mildred Breed (FOUR STRAIGHT WINS IN WOMENíS PAIRS) and Bobby Wolff and myself in the senior teams and the Reisinger.

I am pleased to anounce my goodwill and charity foundation appointments for 2003. These members have been instrumental in promoting bridge and have worked as volunteers for their units and for District 16. Congratulations to these ladies - they are outstanding members of our district.

Good Will Committee:
Toni Snow from Houston and Judy Mc Donald from Mexico
Charity Foundation:
Betty Starzec from Houston and Laura Dee from Nacogdoches.

The Board of directors was pleased to be addressed by Jose Diamiani, World Bridge Federation President, Gianarrigo Rona, European Bridge League President and Gonzalo Herrera, President of the Mexican Bridge Federation. The ACBL is on good terms with all of these organizations and all are working for the betterment of bridge.


Dewitt Hudson of Fort Worth was elected to the Education Foundation Committee. CONGRATULATIONS, DEWITT

Nick Nickell was elected honorary member of the ACBL for 2003.


1. adhere to board approved established financial guidelines and annual budgetary constraints.

2. grow net membership by 3000.

3. increase corporate sponsorship and advertising.

4. document dramatic progress in education, training, and certification of ACBL tournament directors.

5. substantially improve the technological capabilities of ACBL operations.

6. develop and implement a comprehensive marketing plan that includes intermediate goals and timelines.

To help with these goals, CEO Jay Baum has hired a new marketing director and a new publicity director.


WBF points won by ACBL members at the world championships in Montreal are converted to ACBL master points according to formula. however, only overall placing in the Rosenblum, Mc Connel Teams and Open ,Womens, & Mixed Pairs will be converted.

The ACBL board authorized management to issue a sanction to the European Bridge League to issue ACBL masterpoints to ACBL members attending the European Openbridge Championship in Menton, France June 24-28, 2003.

NAP AND GNT EVENTS: The ACBL President shall designate a committee which will include board members, board of governorís members and management. this committee is to evaluate the NAP and GNT events and determine what, if any, changes shall be made to bring them, or their replacement events, back to what was the original intent for these events.


A Spanish translation of club directorís seminar materials as used by Guillermo Poplawsky will be published. I hope this will lead to more Spanish translations of teaching materials for our friends in Mexico, Central and South America.


It is illegal to look at your own convention cards during bidding! At the club level the director does not have to penalize players for looking at their card. this is for club games only with the approval of the owner or director.


ACBL will offer a school lesson membership (current price of $5.00 for first time members) to students under the age of 19 who are graduates of, or enrolled in, a school bridge lesson series program funded by the ACBL and/or the ACBL Educations Foundation.


The ACBL education foundation announced that they would adminster a new scholarship program for ACBL junior players (25 yrs or younger). effective jan 1, 2003 a US$500 scholarship payable to the school of their choice, will be available to any junior player who teaches at least six students for at least an eight-week course (16 hours). this refers to the ACBL club series and must be pre-approved by the ACBL. Full details can be obtained from Charlotte Blaiss in Memphis.


The ACBL revised the disciplinary code. the new code should be posted on the ACBL web site by January 1, 2003. Anyone involved in disciplinary matters should review the new code.


The BOD approved the formaton of a permanent bylaws committee to review ACBL bylaws and suggest revisons, as appropriate.

The regional allocation committee will be reviewing proposed changes and will report back to the full board next summer. meanwhile, District 9 (Florida) was awarded one additional regional for 2004 and 2005. Disrict 9 has 17000 members - many more than any other district.

The holidays are here, I hope every one has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you at the tables.