March 26, 2002

Dear Unit Member:

Thank you to all of the District 16 members who played in the NABC.

The Houston Spring National was a very successful tournament and we couldn’t have done it without help from our District 16 Units and their members who came to Houston and joined our players in bringing the total table count to a whopping 10656.5 –almost 4700 players from Texas and around the world played. This was way beyond all estimates. I particularly want to thank our District 16 Units for working together during our three Texas National’s. We have had many compliments on our friendly members and our Texas hospitality. I am very proud to be your District 16 Director.

Tournament Chairman, Eric Snow, and his Associate Chairs Toni Snow and Betty Starzec did a magnificent job and their Chairpeople and volunteers were outstanding and pleasant even after working many tiring hours. Congratulations and thanks to all.

I want to thank Mr. McInvale and Gallery Furniture for their Sponsorship, without which we would not have been able to fund the many extras we enjoyed during the tournament. Especially, I want to thank Marcia Bernstein and Shawn Quinn for their many hours of work in negotiating this sponsorship.

One of the nicest things about having a NABC in home territory is the availability of winning master points without traveling cross country. Be sure to remember that Dallas will be having a NABC in 2006 – it’s not that far in the future- start working on your partnerships and thinking - DALLAS.

Our new CEO, Jay Baum, attended his first Board of Directors meetings and sent us a positive message – The ACBL is the BEST Bridge Organization in the world and it’s going to get better! As one slogan on a pin said: ACBL- what a Deal!

I was pleased that John Wignall of New Zealand, WBF 1st VP & head of the Drafting Committee for the Bridge Laws Revision was here to address the ACBL BOD and the ACBL Laws Commission. He was well received by all that met him.


I was happy to see so many of our District members at the meeting especially since it is not always possible for so many to attend the out of town NABC’S. I was very surprised to find that I was being honored at the meeting. ACBL president George Retek, Dr. Gil Micheletti, and Harris County Treasurer Jack Cato said some nice things about me and for this I thank them.


The World Bridge Championship will be in Montreal, Canada August 16-31, 2002. Most of the events are open to any member in good standing so notify ACBL-USBF Rena Hetzer in Memphis if you would like to play in the Mixed pairs or any other event.

The ACBL’s World Computer Bridge Championship VI will take place at this WBF World Championship.


ACBL Board of Directors believes Junior/student coupons should be set at an affordable price to encourage Junior player participation at NABC’S. As a guideline approximately 50% of the NABC regional entry fee.

Senior events may be held with minimum age restrictions of 55, 65, or 75. Such events may be Stratified by masterpoints, 80% for 55, 70% for both 65 & 75.

A Mini-LM NABC event was approved for a two year trial, to start with the Summer 2003 NABC. There will be a Life Master event to 1500 & Life Master event to 5000 points.

Teams wishing to play up in a bracket KO will be accommodated unless the top bracket is full.


Sanctioned clubs may hold regular Open games with a minimum number of boards played of 12 up to a maximum of 17 boards. This game will award 80% of what a 24 or 26 board game will pay and the sanction fee will be 40 cents per table.


There will be an amnesty program of reduced multi year memberships from June 1 2002 to December 31, 2002 for those who haven’t paid their membership for at least 12 months. For non-Life Members and those 75 years or older the reinstatement fee will be waived.


The ACBL And the ACBL Charity Foundation ran two North American charity games at clubs in December the Charity Foundation matched the funds raised up to a 100,000. A total of 220,000 will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund. This was the Red, White & Blue Bridge event to raise funds for the 9/11 disaster.

Effective Jan 1 2003, continent wide charity and International fund games will award overall winners along with appropriate overall masterpoints.


A comprehensive education, training and certification program for all ACBL tournament directors will be developed in 2002 and instituted in 2003.

The conversion of ACBL scoring to Windows will be completed by the end of the Year.


For 2002 I am the Chairman of the International Events Committee, Vice Chair, of the Appeals Committee, on the Bridge Committee, and a Trustee of the ACBL employee’s 401 K plan and serve on the ACBL’s Laws Commission. I am also a delegate to the WBF and a member of the new Board of the United States Bridge Federation.

Thank you for your support of our tournaments