Toronto Report

Toronto was a popular tournament with over 16000 tables in play despite the two playing areas being mile apart. District 16 had a fantastic turnout causing Canadians to ask several of our players if all of Texas was at the tournament.

The Hall of Fame induction banquet was very special this year because Bobby Nail was elected to the Hall of Fame . Betty Nail was there to accept his honors and his good friend Gerry Michaud introduced him to the audience. Canadians Sammy Kehela and his partner Eric Murray were also elected to the Hall of Fame - both are wonderful speakers and were the life of the party. Congratulations to all.

At the Board of Governors meeting on Sunday David Silber CEO of the ACBL announced he will be leaving the organization at the end of the month. I would like to wish him & his wife Marianne well in their future endeavors. The President of the ACBL has appointed a search committee for a new CEO and anyone interested should check the ACBL internet site or contact the office in Memphis. Wayne Hascall, Chairman of the search committee will be the interim CEO as a volunteer and will receive no salary.


At the Spring meeting a motion was passed disallowing an attorney to represent an ACBL member in a disciplinary hearing. This motion was rescinded at this Summer national meeting.

ACBL 's legal expenses will be over $100,000 this year. In an effort to reduce frivolous law suits the following motion was approved.

Effective 8/1/01 any ACBL member filing a civil action for damages against the ACBL shall be automatically suspended from the ACBL upon the occurrence of any of the following.

  1. A judgement in the action which is favorable to the ACBL.
  2. A dismissal of the action by the court with or without prejudice.
  3. Failure by the member to prosecute the action for any consecutive six month period after filing the action.
  4. A settlement of the action which does not specifically waive the provisions of this paragraph.
Such suspension shall be lifted only upon the occurrence of one of the following.
  1. Payment by the member for costs incurred in the action by the ACBL, its officers, agents, representatives and insurers: or
  2. Resolution by the ACBL board absolving the member of payment of such costs.

Teammates and partners of a player who as result of ethical transgressions is suspended for one year or longer will now forfeit any title(s) and master points won in events in which the offense or offenses occurred.


The Federation is now organized and functioning. Players are in the process of being chosen to represent the USA for the Salt Lake City Olympic demonstration being held the week before the 2002 Winter Olympics. The Federation is also applying to be admitted in the United States Olympic Committee. The USBF is a 501-C3 tax exempt body and as such, donations are tax deductible. If anyone is interested in making a donation to this new organization please get in contact with me. The ACBL will add a space to their dues renewal form for a $1.95 optional donation to the USBF. All donations will be greatly appreciated by the Federation in their endeavor too be accepted in the Olympics.


New Event:
A 3 session KO may be scheduled with master point awards reduced by a factor of 30%. This event will give you another option if the 4 session KO's does not fit into your schedule.
Pair Event:
The World Wide Simultaneous Pair event may be held at clubs, Sectionals, or Regionals. If part of a 2 session event, only one sanction fee is paid, its is scored twice. Participants entered in both are eligible only for the higher master point award.
Convention Card:
Two changes to the ACBL General Convention chart have been approved.
1. An opening bid at the 2 level or higher that indicates two known suits, at least 10+ high cards and at least 5-4 distribution in the known suits is now permitted.
2. Jump overcalls that meet these same requirements will also be permitted. Both bids require an alert.


Clubs will now be allocated special games based on the number of sessions held instead of the number of sanctions held.


The BOD unanimously approved the concept of funding the development of a nationwide educationally sound "after-school bridge program". The ACBL Education Foundation has approved $80,000 in seed money to start the project.


Another Junior bridge camp was approved to be held after the 2002 Washington Summer Nationals.(July 29-August 4.)

Juniors don't forget there will be a special $10000 scholarship prize for the winners of the Junior event held on the first Saturday of the Gallery Furniture Houston Spring NABC


Its time to start making reservations for the Gallery Furniture Houston Spring NABC March 7-17 2002. Pay particular attention to hotel reservations. You will want to match your reservations with the events you will play in, as there will be games in three hotel sites.

Contact me if you have any questions about any of these motions.

See you at the tables