30 March 2000

District 16 has a reason to be proud – lots of winners at the Cincinnati National the most notable participants being:

BOB HAMMAN– The Vanderbilt Trophy – Won by the Nick Nickell team on the LAST hand of the event. Vu Graph watchers were treated to a very exciting finish.


KEN SCHUTZE winner of five different events

Congratulations to all District 16 winners bringing home the gold.

Cincinnati’s tournament table count was 10830. Patty Eber was a second time Tournament Chairman having chaired the l994 Spring National. Patty and her experienced volunteers put on a very smooth tournament – we thank them for their hospitality.


Dr. Jorge Rosenkranz of Mexico City who will receive the Blackwood Award and be inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame during the Summer Nationals at Anaheim, was honored at the Goodwill Committee meeting.

District 16’s Texas Star Award program was spotlighted during the Goodwill Committee meeting. Chairman, Aileen Osofsky, asked Joan Morse to speak about the success of our program, which honors outstanding Unit volunteers. Aileen is hoping more Districts will adopt similar programs –Remember -Units function well because of their many Volunteers – seldom are they thanked for their time and efforts and rarely honored.


The ACBL Education Foundation has agreed to subsidize 70 Junior members (age 25 and under) to attend the Bridge Camp being held August 2-10 ,2000 The Foundation will subsidize $200.00 of the $425.00 entry fee.


The ACBL will send a USA team to participate in the University Bridge Championship event in Maastricht, Netherlands from August 26-September 3, 2000. Funding for this team will be from the Junior funds.


KO events –The 80% factor used in calculating the masterpoint awards for a second KO event starting when a concurrent KO event is being conducted is now removed.

Bracket Swiss team events masterpoint awards.

1. The top bracket is based on the sum of its own tables plus 100% of up to 40 tables and 1/3 of of tables in excess of 40 tables.

2. The second bracket is based on its own tables plus 100% of up to 20 tables in lower brackets and 2/3 of tables in excess of 20 tables.

3. The third bracket (and any lower) MP will be based on its own tables plus 1/3 of the tables in any still lower bracket.

Senior Trials

Trials moved to Las Vegas, concurrent with the Las Vegas Regional which starts June 20, 2000. Teams may enter on site no later than June 19.


Funds provided to the local organization for hospitality , entertainment, and gifts have been increased by $1 per table beginning with spring of 2001.

The choice as to the number of boards played in Regionally rated prime-time KO. events at NABC is up to the host organization.

Management shall publicize the regulations regarding slow play and Tournament Directors shall be instructed to actively monitor slow play and assess warnings and penalties for violations of these regulations.

The default starting time for the prime time sessions at NABC’s for all events is 1:00 and 7:30 p.m. After consultation with District & Unit officials and when circumstances warrant, management may set the above times to 1:00 and 8:00 pm (at least 12 months before the NABC).


The ACBL hired the Public relations firm Thompson & Baker to help in public relations for Bridge and the ACBL.

The firm of Jackson-Howell was approved to conduct the 2000- 2001 audit of the ACBL


Jeff Polisner, League Counsel, is leaving the ACBL after 15 years of service to take the post of Counsel for the World Bridge Federation. Thank you, Jeff, for your years of great service to the League.

A job description for his replacement has been approved and Applicants will find details listed in the ACBL Bulletin and on The ACBL website.


Sanctioned clubs may hold regular open games (not to include any special games awarding extra masterpoints) with a minimum number of 12 boards played. Master points will be awarded at 80% of the awards for open games.


People joining or rejoining the ACBL after June 1, 2000 will pay dues at the full rate starting the second year of membership regardless of their player rank.


The ACBL code of Disciplinary Regulations is revised to indicate that whenever an ACBL player is suspended for a year or longer, as a result of ethical transgressions, removal of or part of that player’s ACBL masterpoints shall be a part of the sanction imposed.


At 85 years of age Al is a living legend. Most members do not know that he invented Negative doubles, Weak 2 bids, Unusual Notrump and Forcing 1nt bids. Recently he devised a new Convention card featuring all of his gadgets and is available to lecture at tournaments or other bridge groups. He can be reached at 561-361-9029.

It was good visiting with Al in Cincinnati.