Bridge players at the Birmingham Fall National were saddened by the death of ACBL employee, Club & Membership Manager, Jane Johnson. She was well liked by all that knew her. In memory of Jane, the ACBL has established “The Jane Johnson Award” to be given to the employee exemplifying care and concern when serving our membership. The Board Also elected Jane co-recipient of the A.C.B.L. Honorary Member of the Year Award together with Norman Kay.

Our District 16 Texas ladies were first and second in the Life Master Women Pairs and also won the Women’s Board Of Match Team. The team was Petra Hamman, Peggy Sutherlin, Joan Jackson, Robin Klar, Mildred Breed and Shawn Quinn. Shawn was recently notified that the points she earned in Maastricht ranked her #1 women player in the World. Congratulations to all of you.

Birmingham had 8124 tables in play at the tournament which was a little above the projected estimate. The playing area was very good but even though the buses which were provided nightly to shuttle players to restaurants were efficient there were many complaints about not having any restaurants in the immediate area and taxi service was not plentiful.

ACBL ON-LINE is now available check it out at It’s not too early to be thinking about the March 2002 Spring National in Houston check it out at


New President – Jim Kirkham of District 22 was elected to serve as President next year. Congratulations to him.
Look for Jim at the 4th of July Regional in San Antonio.

New ACBL Counsel - Peter Rank from California. Long time bridge player, comes to us with incredible credentials and experience as a Bridge player. Welcome.

Jeffrey Polisner resigned his long time League Counsel position to become the Counsel for the World Bridge Federation. Thank you, Jeffrey for your many years of guidance and dedication to the ACBL. We’ll miss you - Good Luck.


Sidney H. Lazard , Jr. Award for Sportsmanship was created to recognize players who exhibit ethical behavior and a strong sense of fair play at the highest levels of bridge. The Award will bepresented annually at the Hall of Fame banquet. Sidney Lazard of New Orleans is the instigator and the sponsor of this award.


I was pleased to receive a five-year appointment to the ACBL Laws Commission.


It is estimated that the ACBl will lose $300-350,000 in 2000. For the 2001 the Board approved a budget with income of $11,000. Many motions were passed in order to stem our losses, some of the changes are listed below.
  1. Membership dues to increase by $2.00 and corresponding increases will be made in other dues categories.
  2. Sanctioned games fees will increase by 25 cents
  3. Tournament Director fees will increase by 3% over and above the 3% salary increases.
  4. Reduce subsidy for NAOP to airfare only for 2nd pair in each Flight.
  5. Annual ACBL salary increases limited to 3% instead of 3.5%
  6. ACBL Junior Camp cancelled until there is a larger number of Juniors eligible for participation
  7. Eliminate third year rebate for member recruitment.
  8. Introduce regular sanction fee charges for Charity events held at Regional and Sectional events
  9. Increase Patron Member dues from $150 to $200 and household dues from $200 to $250.
  10. Eliminate script awards at 49ers games.
  11. Increase employee contribution for medical insurance expenses.
  12. ACBL Board of Directors trimester stipend reduced from $750 to $500.
  13. ACBL Presidential budget reduced from $50000 to $40000
  14. ACBL Memphis staff positions slightly reduced.
  15. ACBL sponsored Volunteer dinner at each NABC guest list reduced to local volunteers, CEO, President and host District


Requested to evaluate options on providing retirement benefits for Canadian & Mexican Tournament Directors.


Offer to the purchase Democrat Road property – if sale closes it will be beneficial to our budget.


In the last 2 months membership has stabilized and even marginally increased. It is still too early too positively state that we have turned the corner but this is a definite improvement.

Any member convicted of cheating will lose his/her master-points.


The board approved the following philosophy. To have as near to 50% of event entrants as possible qualifying from one day to the next and never less than 40%.

The ACBL will continue to support a parent coordinated childcare program. Our thanks to District 16’s Donna Compton for doing such a great job running this program.

Schedule of Knockout initial round pairings- there will be head-to- head play and four-way matches in addition to one bye if necessary in initial round pairing.

Bidding boxes - players must choose a call before touching any card in the box. A call is considered made when a bidding card is removed from the bidding box and held touching or nearly touching the table or maintained in such a position to indicate that the call has been made.

The 0-2000 KO was a popular event that died with the proliferation of Bracket KO’s. The Board approved a new NABC KO event to run opposite the Spingold that will be in two flights. 0-1500 and 0-5000.

ACBL Midchart - Effective 1-1-2001 A player wishing to play a system not currently permitted by the Mid-Chart is required to submit a complete explanation and complete defense to the Competition & Conventions Committee. If the C&C approve the method the player will receive written Approval. At Sectionals & Regional permission is needed from the Director in Charge and the Tournament Chairman to be allowed to use this Method.

It is now more difficult for players to live in one district and play in another any one doing so should check the new rules.

During the month of October a club can hold one special team game sectional rated to award black points, however, 5% of all masterpoints awarded shall be GOLD


Has agreed to fund The North American Collegiate Team Championship

Hope your Holidays are jolly and you win more points in 2001 than 2000.