District 16 Gif

August 9, 1999

Dear Unit 16 Member:

San Antonio was GREAT – 12,281 tables in play – nearly 1300 above estimated attendance. Congratulation’s and thanks to Chairpeople CAROL CAMPBELL, MARIANNE HADDEN, TERRY RILEY and all of the members of Unit 172 for their hard work and their wonderful hospitality. I heard many nice comments from other District’s members about our friendly Texas atmosphere. Terrific job! Thank you all for a wonderful tournament.

Two highlights of the tournament were the Hall of Fame Induction Dinner and the Goodwill Committee’s meeting honoring Bobby Wolff.

I feel that the Hall of Fame Dinner was one of the best I’ve attended – perhaps because two of the favorite players in Texas were being inducted. Bob Hamman, number one player in the world and the late Bobby Goldman, teacher and player. Bobby’s award was accepted by his wife Bettianne and his son Quinn. It was a very emotional evening with a large crowd paying tribute to the two Aces and the other inductees.

Who says bridge players can’t keep a secret? Goodwill Chairwoman Aileen Osofsky and the ACBL surprised Bobby Wolff as guest of honor at the National Meeting. I was responsible for getting him to the meeting and it was not an easy job – but he was surprised! He finally caught on when his non bridge playing brother, Walter, walked up and invited him to sit at his table. Bobby’s daughter, Wendy, and his long time friend, Joe Musumeci, also attended. Bobby was given a standing ovation by one of the largest crowds ever attending a Goodwill committee meeting. For the Goodwill Committee members in our District I want to remind you that these meetings are held the first Monday of each National – if you are attending a National on that Monday – please join me at the meeting.


It’s offical – President of the World Bridge Federation, Jose Damiani, addressed the Board of Directors meetings with the news that the WBF has been accepted as a Recognized International Federation by the International Olympic Committee. Meaning that, Bridge is recognized as a Sport but not yet admitted into the Olympic Games. This is a major hurdle but by no means assures us we will be in the Olympics. The WBF will stage demonstration events in Lausanne, Switzerland in the years 1999, 2000, and 2001. Congratulation’s to District 16’s Shawn Quinn and Mildred Breed for winning the right to play on the US Ladies Team for the 1999 event. We will apply as a Demonstration Sport in the 2002 Winter Olympics and if successful we will then apply to be part of the 2006 Olympics.

The Orbis World Bridge Championships will be held in Bermuda January 7-20,2000. This 50th anniversary of the Bermuda Bowl will be held at the site of the first Bermuda Bowl in Bermuda. The Ladies Venice Cup Championship will be played at this time and also a World Transnational Open Teams held during the 2nd week of the tournament. Anyone can play in The Open Teams Championship subject to approval of the WBF Credentials Committee and the player’s home country. Make plans to attend now, play in a World Championship and watch championship bridge.


The name of the Blue Ribbon Pairs event has been changed to the Edgar Kaplan Blue Ribbon Pairs.

To be eligible for an award in a Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs race a player must be a MEMBER of that Unit for more than a six month period during the year, and does not have to be a member on the last day of the year.

The GNT starting in 2000-2001 will have four Flights.
Flight C: non-LM up to 500 MP
Flight B: 0-2000 MP
Flight A: 0-5000 MP
Championship Flight: 0 – unlimited

Three sessions a day morning, afternoon, & night – a player may choose to play in any two of the three sessions.

Can now be subject to discipline for not submitting Club masterpoint reports in a timely manner.

The extra $1.00 charge for non-paying members & non- service fee paying LM’s went well in San Antonio with a record number of people renewing their Memberships at the tournament.

Masterpoints can now be checked Online. Go to Members Only option on the ACBL Home Page at www.acbl.org.

For your friends who want to play bridge, there is a new Free program (Learn to Play Bridge) that can be downloaded from ACBL at

I was pleased to present Meredith Beck of Houston with a Junior Corps pin upon her induction to the ACBL Junior Corps. This organization recognizes outstanding players under the age of 26.

I enjoyed seeing and meeting so many of you in San Antonio. See you at the tables.