December 10, 1999

Dear Unit Member:

Members from District 16 made us proud once again -
Congratulations to Shawn Quinn & Mildred Breed for winning the Life Masters Women’s Pairs and to Tobi Sokolow & Lynn Baker for winning the Women's Board-a-Match Teams in Boston.

Boston really treated their guests in a grand manner starting with the weather which was a beautiful 65 to 70° almost every day. The local tournament committee did a fine job and everyone loved having so many great restaurants within walking distance of the hotels.. Attendance exceeded estimates by 1000 tables with a final count of 12,749 tables in play.

We have so many hard working volunteers in our District that it is difficult to make appointments to the Goodwill and Charity Committees each year. I am proud to announce the following members as my appointments to the Committees this year.

I was recently elected as the Central Zone representative to the ACBL Executive Committee for a three year term beginning January 1, 2000. I am pleased to be a member of this committee.


July 2004 New York City
November 2006 Honolulu
November 2007 San Francisco


Management shall implement e-mail for all routine correspondence to the Board of Directors and other recipients.

The ACBL will have a 1999 loss of approximately $250,00.00 and $200,000.00 in the year 2000. Beginning in March 2000 fees will increase as follows:

The main reason for the increases is the cost for marketing in an effort to stop the decrease in ACBL memberships. Units – please encourage your clubs to sponsor the new EASYBRIDGE program. In the Districts where this program is in use there is a remarkable increase in membership. This program has a lot of promise and is well liked by the new people participating but it is a very high cost program for the ACBL to implement.

The Education Foundation has taken over funding for the High School Bridge Lesson Series thereby freeing ACBL money to be used for EASYBRIDGE.


Vanderbilt and Spingold teams – The Board of Directors voted to eliminate Byes in these events. I voted against this proposal as I felt that most of the players preferred the Byes. I hope the Board will reconsider this decision.

NAOP Flight B masterpoint range will be changed to 0-2000 beginning with the 2000-2001 event.

The ACBL will test and support (not sponsor) a parent-coordinated child care program at the NABC’S for one year. The coordinator will be District 16’s Donna Compton from Dallas. Please contact her or the ACBL for more information.

ACBL approved masterpoints to be given for the OK Bridge 2nd Annual Internet Championship.


Non-playing directors are encouraged but not required for games holding one section of 17 tables or less for most special events held at clubs.


The penalty fee for non compliance with the membership retention program been rescinded but Units will still be able to receive and extra 25 cents per member for complying and a further 25 cents per member for reversing the trend of losing members.

Units are now allowed to elect Officers by a vote of the general Membership or the Unit Board of Directors..


ACBL-Wide Swiss Team Day has been established and Management will select the week for the event.

I co-sponsored a proposal to have a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP event. The purpose of this event is hopefully to obtain a good deal of publicity for bridge and bridge tournaments. I do hope District 16 will participate in this event.


A Senior USA Team Trials event will be held to qualify a team to represent the ACBL in the Senior Team Olympiad Championships being held in Maastricht, Holland in August 2000.

The trials will be held June 21-15, 2000 in conjunction with the Springfield, Missouri Regional. Teams must register by May 15. More details will be published in the March issue of the Bridge Bulletin after the WBF Executive Council approves the event.

Glenn Smith of Creve Coeur, Missouri has been elected as the new President of the ACBL for the year 2000. He and his wife, Marje, will be in Houston during the Lone Star Regional in February and I do hope all of you will introduce yourselves and ask any questions you wish. Glenn will be happy to visit with you.

Happy Holidays and a great New Year.


posted: 12/12/99