District 16 Gif

August 11, 1998

Dear District 16 Member:

Chicago had a very successful Summer National with a total of 13,022 tables in play during the tournament. I think everyone who was in Chicago will agree with me that the weather was wonderful and the restaurants were great. I was happy to see so many players from District 16 playing and winning at the bridge tables. Congratulations to all winners!

We welcome David Silber, the new CEO of the ACBL, to our organization and wish him Good Luck. I was impressed with his initial report to the Board of Directors.


The Hall of Fame Awards dinner was highlighted with theposthumous induction of John Gerber to the Hall of Fame. He was presented by Dr. George Rosenkranz. Johnny was a past District 16 Director, originator of the Gerber Convention and a founding father of the Houston Unit. He was also a famous Captain of US Teams in World Competition.

District 16's Su Doe was selected by the Tournament Directors to be presented with the Tom Weeks Award honoring the most improved Tournament Director of the year. Congratulations Su!

Four District 16 members have been selected to join three other players to represent the United States in the World Bridge Federations demonstration being held for the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, September 7-11, l998. The U. S. Team will be Seymon Deutsch, Bobby Wolff, Bob Hamman, Eric Rodwell, Jeff Meckstroth, Paul Soloway with Dan Morse as Non Playing Captain. This was the team that won the 1988 Olympic Team in Italy with the exception of Paul Soloway who replaces the late Jim Jacoby. This is an important step in an attempt to including Bridge as a sport in the Winter Olympics.


The Masterpoint Committee's revisions were a approved on a second reading the will be in force January 1, 1999.

The Board rejected a plan to increase the number of points from 300 to 500 needed to become a Life Master but did however form a Sub-Commitee to study new goals and levels for Life Masters.

Management is authorized to approve for testing, Stratiflighted events in which the masterpoint determination for the breaking point between the A and X Strata will be set after the sale of entries is completed.


The $50.00 deposit required to file an Appeal was abolished. In the future, Appeals Without Merit Points (AWMP), will be assessed for filing frivolous Appeals, taking into consideration the experience level of the player filing the complaint. One point for each frivolous Appeal will be issued and anyone accumulating three or more points will be required to appear before a Disciplinary Committee. One point will be dropped if no AWMP points are received in a one year period.

Management shall prepare a proposed guideline for Appeals. The study should include a cost comparison of the total cost of all NABC Appeals functions during the Spring of l998 and what it would cost if the Tournament Directors handled appeals and the Recorder and Appeals Administrator were ACBL employees. A growing number of players feel that Officials or Referees should hear Appeals rather than other players.


Management was asked to continue to test market the Senior Choice pairs. This event will be played at three different starting times and allows players a choice of playing daily in any two of three sessions. There are no restrictions on the number of tests in any one area or the number of games.

Management is authorized to waive any Board mandated sanction fee for cause. This authority may be used for a specific event(s) or an entire tournament.


The ACBL will proceed with the test market program through December 1999, designed to:
  1. Increase ACBL membership in both the tournament and social levels.
  2. Offer new members a choice of magazines
    1. 12 issues of The Bridge Bulletin
    2. 6 issues of Better Bridge - the Bridge America magazine


All current members of the American Bridge Association that are not presently or have not been a member of ACBL for at least five years and who meet other eligibility requirements are invited to purchase a one year membership to the ACBL for $10. The duration of this policy will be at the discretion of management.


Members of the ACBL Board of Directors may not represent their Districts at a NABC in the NAOP or the GNT when these events are scheduled on Board meeting days.

Get ready for the San Antonio Summer National - it's going to be a great one.

Let me hear from you. See you at the bridge table.