ACBL Goodwill Committee

50 Years of Goodwill

We know our members spread goodwill every day, but there are three special days each year when goodwill rates an even higher priority. And 2005 makes those days particularly special as it represents the 50th anniversary of the ACBL Goodwill Committee.

The committee was organized in 1955 with John E. Simon as chair and Louise Durham as co-chair. Aileen Osofsky became chair in 1985 and has expanded the committee's endeavors, taking on promotion of active ethics, awareness of those with disabilities such as hearing loss, support for junior programs and naming of a goodwill member of the year.

Each member of the ACBL Board of Directors is entitled to appoint two lifetime members from his or her district annually. Goodwill Day is celebrated the Monday of each NABC. Districts and units are encouraged to establish and recognize their own Goodwill Committees.

We encourage clubs to use the anniversary to promote special goodwill activities.

Goodwill Day Bonus Tip

When passing your boards at a tournament, introduce yourself to the passee and ask how the player would like the boards placed: on the table, on the floor, etc. Always stand and move the boards; whacking them against someone's shoulder is frowned upon!

District 16 Appointees to the ACBL Goodwill committee

* Deceased

** Goodwll member of the year.

Additional members

Norinne Adnerson Nelson, Tlay JA

Charlotte Blaiss, Lubbock TX