Unit 197 Growth Goals

Unit President: Jane Doviak

September 1, 2011

Goal: Unit 197 will increase its membership by 5% by January 2013

Action Plan:

  1. Bridge classes are scheduled to begin 09/12/11 at the LBC.
  2. The mentoring program will continue, predominantly but not exclusively in the Thursday and Saturday I/N games.
  3. An I/N tournament will be scheduled in 2012 (after the April Regional) This will be either a 299 or 499 tourney.
  4. The “Eight is Enough” team games will continue with the mentoring program encouraged.  This event was initially proposed as a fund-raiser for the 2012 regional, and has been very successful from the mentoring aspect.
  5. LBC will continue enforcing the Zero Tolerance policy with special emphasis on “Smoke-free and Fragrance-free” conditions.
  6. The Unit will extend a single free play to all new members to the weekly unit game.  In addition, new member packets and membership telephone books will be distributed.
  7. The Unit will seek assistance in building a college program.