Unit 183 Growth Goals

Unit President: Diane Washabaugh

September 1, 2011

Goal: Unit 183 will increase its membership by 4%, 36 members, by January 2013

Action Plan:

  1. Easybridge! Programs will begin in September 2011, at the Arlington Duplicate Bridge Studio and the Fort Worth Bridge Studio. New Beginner's Bridge Class will commence at the Denton Bridge Studio in September, also.
  2. Traditional beginning bridge lessons will begin in January, 2012, at the Fort Worth Bridge Studio.
  3. Mentor/mentee programs will be planned at Unit 183 clubs.
  4. One day seminars focusing on a specific subject will be implemented.
  5. Zero tolerance will be enforced to allow for friendly and inviting games.
  6. Web pages will continue to provide all the information that players need to know to participate at the club of their choosing.

2/10/2012 Update (From Carolyn Pinto)

We have assigned a Unit Growth Coordinator and we met early in the year and I presented some suggestions to our board of directors to try to increase membership. At this time we have not voted on the suggestions; however, I know by the next board meeting we will put in place some new ideas.

Our Easy Bridge class that started on a Wednesday evening did not go as well as we hope. However, we did get one new member out of this group that comes every Wednesday and have joined ACBL.

I tried to start a new conventional class but it was not successful on a Saturday morning in January. I really don’t know why we did not get a better turnout but I am going to try again in March. I have at least 4 people ready to start and I have made Flyers that I have sent to Senior Citizens Centers and hopefully we will receive some interest.