Unit 174 Growth Goals

Unit President: Bob Dowlen

August 8, 2011

Goal: Unit 174 will increase its membership by 3.5% by January 1, 2013. This will bring unit membership to 2600

Action Plan:

  1. The Unit will include a voucher for one free play at a Unit tournament in the Welcome Packets that the Unit mails to all new members.
  2. The Unit will encourage teachers to hold a "class game" for all their new member classes and continue to invite members from prior classes to play in it. The Unit will pay the ACBL game fees for these "class games" to encourage teachers and clubs to have them. The teacher may limit these games to either 0-5 or 0-20 events.
  3. The Unit will encourage the Full Service Clubs to call new members in their geographical area who have not won points and invite them to use a one time free play for a club 0-5 or 0-20 game.
  4. The Unit President will send a welcome letter to new ACBL Members in the Unit welcoming them to the Unit.
  5. The Unit President will host a dinner meeting with the Club Managers from the Full Service Clubs to share best practices for retaining and recruiting new members.
  6. Board Members will visit or contact some of the smaller outlying clubs and ask how the Unit can help them attract and retain new members.