District Schedule

Start date End date Name Location Flyer


Jan 05Jan 08Dallas Election SectionalRichardson, TX--
Jan 05Jan 08Austin WinterAustin, TXflyer
Jan 07Jan 08District 16 NAP FinalAustin, TXflyer
Jan 12Jan 15January Sectional TournamentRichardson, TX--
Jan 12Jan 15January Sectional TournamentRichardson, TXflyer
Jan 12Jan 15Winter SectionalSan Antonio, TXflyer
Jan 12Jan 15WBA January 299er SectionalHouston, TXflyer
Jan 19Jan 22Mazatlan SectionalMazatlan, SIflyer
Jan 20Jan 22Denton BridgeDenton, TXflyer
Jan 20Jan 22Harlingen Bridge Club SectionalHarlingen, TXflyer
Jan 23Jan 29Lone Star RegionalHouston, TXflyer
Jan 30Feb 05Lone Star RegionalHouston, TX--
Feb 01Feb 03Puerto Vallarta SectionalPuerto Vallarta, JAflyer
Feb 03Feb 04Fiesta NLM SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Feb 03Feb 05Fort WesternGrapevine, TXflyer
Feb 06Feb 12Lone Star Houston, TX--
Feb 09Feb 12ValentineAjijic, JAflyer
Feb 10Feb 12Fort Western WinterGrapevine, TX--
Feb 10Feb 12Texas Independence SectionalSan Angelo, TXflyer
Feb 11Feb 12Austin Winter NLMAustin, TXflyer
Feb 16Feb 18Piney Woods Sectional TournamentLongview, TXflyer
Feb 17Feb 19Heart of TexasTemple, TXflyer
Feb 17Feb 19Rockport Beach SectionalRockport, TXflyer
Feb 19Feb 26Unit 176 GNT FinalsRichardson, TX--
Feb 23Feb 26BCAAustin, TXflyer
Feb 24Feb 26McAllen SectionalMcAllen, TXflyer
Feb 24Feb 25Dorsey's 299er SectionalRichardson, TXflyer
Feb 25Feb 26MidlandMidland, TXflyer
Feb 26Feb 26Unit 174 GNT Final Flights B & CSpring, TX--
Feb 28Mar 05San Miguel RegionalSan Miguel Allende, GJflyer
Mar 02Mar 05Beaumont SpindletopBeaumont, TXflyer
Mar 02Mar 05March Sectional TournamentRichardson, TXflyer
Mar 03Mar 05King Cotton SectionalLubbock, TXflyer
Mar 06Mar 12Tournament Of StarsTyler, TXflyer
Mar 09Mar 12March BCOH 299er SectionalSpring, TXflyer
Mar 17Mar 19Dorsey's 299er Sectional - MarchRichardson, TXflyer
Mar 23Mar 26Kerrville SectionalKerrville, TXflyer
Mar 30Apr 02Kerrville SectionalKerrville, TX--
Mar 31Apr 02Fort Western Spring SectionalFort Worth, TXflyer
Apr 01Apr 02Austin Spring 0-200Austin, TXflyer
Apr 07Apr 09Election SectionalHouston, TXflyer
Apr 08Apr 09Austin Spring 0-200Austin, TX--
Apr 08Apr 09Houston sectionalHouston, TXflyer
Apr 17Apr 23Tournament of StarsTyler, TXflyer
Apr 27Apr 30RichardsonRichardson, TX--
Apr 27Apr 30Fiesta SectionalSan Antonio, TXflyer
Apr 28Apr 30BAND 99er SectionalDallas, TXflyer
May 04May 07May BCOH 299er SectionalHouston, TXflyer
May 04May 07Austin Spring SectionalAustin, TXflyer
May 12May 14Denton BridgeDenton, TXflyer
May 18May 21WBA May 499er SectionalHouston, TXflyer
May 19May 20BCSA NLM SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
May 19May 20499er SectionalWaco, TXflyer
May 19May 21Denton BridgeDenton, TXflyer
May 25May 29May Sectional TournamentRichardson, TXflyer
Jun 01Jun 04Summer SectionalSan Antonio, TXflyer
Jun 02Jun 03Dorsey's 299er Sectional - JuneRichardson, TXflyer
Jun 09Jun 11Tall City SectionalMidland, TXflyer
Jun 09Jun 11Nearly SummerHouston, TXflyer
Jun 10Jun 11Austin NLMAustin, TXflyer
Jun 12Jun 18D16 STaC--
Jun 23Jun 25Arlington SummerGrapevine, TXflyer
Jul 03Jul 09San Antonio RegionalSan Antonio, TXflyer
Jul 13Jul 16WBA July 299er SectionalHouston, TXflyer
Jul 14Jul 16BAND 199er SectionalDallas, TXflyer
Jul 21Jul 23Tyler Tournament of RosesTyler, TXflyer
Aug 04Aug 06BAND 199er SectionalDallas, TX--
Aug 04Aug 06Summer Shower SectionalLubbock, TXflyer
Aug 10Aug 13Awesome August SectionalHouston, TXflyer
Aug 11Aug 13Bridge on the Brazos WacoWaco, TXflyer
Aug 12Aug 13Silver SeekersAbilene, TXflyer
Aug 17Aug 19Beaumont 499erBeaumont, TXflyer
Aug 19Aug 20Austin Summer 0-200AUSTIN, TX--
Aug 24Aug 27Austin NLM RegionalAustin, TXflyer
Aug 29Sep 04Dallas Labor Day RegionalRichardson, TXflyer
Sep 07Sep 10September BCOH 299er SectionalHouston, TXflyer
Sep 07Sep 10New Braufels SectionalNew Braunfels, TXflyer
Sep 09Sep 10Mexican Nationals Pairs and TeamsMexico, DFflyer
Sep 14Sep 16Black Eyed Pea Sectional TournamentAthens, TXflyer
Sep 17Sep 17Unit 176 Flight C NAP FinalsDallas, TX--
Sep 21Sep 24WBA September 499er SectionalHouston, TX--
Sep 21Sep 24Austin Fall SectionalAustin, TXflyer
Sep 22Sep 24Wichita Falls SectionalWichita Falls, TXflyer
Sep 24Sep 24Unit 176 Flight B NAP FinalsRichardson, TX--
Sep 29Oct 01Lake Country Sectional TournamentLongview, TXflyer
Sep 30Oct 01Arlington NLMArlington, TX--
Oct 01Oct 01Unit 176 Flight A NAP FinalsRichardson, TX--
Oct 06Oct 07BCSA NLM SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Oct 06Oct 08Fort Worth Election SectionalFort Worth, TXflyer
Oct 08Oct 08Austin Spring 0-200Austin, TX--
Oct 12Oct 14Beaumont Fall Beaumont, TXflyer
Oct 13Oct 15Fall in North TexasDenton, TXflyer
Oct 16Oct 22Unit 174 October STaC--
Oct 19Oct 22Willson Davis, Jr. Election SectionalSan Antonio, TXflyer
Oct 20Oct 22BAND 299er SectionalDallas, TXflyer
Oct 20Oct 22Fall Harvest SectionalAbilene, TX--
Oct 26Oct 29Election SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Oct 26Oct 29Fall SectionalRichardson, TXflyer
Oct 27Oct 29Fall Festival SectionalHouston, TXflyer
Oct 30Nov 05Corpus Christi RegionalCorpus Christi, TXflyer
Nov 09Nov 12WBA November 299er SectionalHouston, TX--
Nov 11Nov 12Austin Fall NLMAUSTIN, TX--
Nov 11Nov 12Fort Western NLMFort Worth, TX--
Nov 13Nov 19Puerto Vallarta RegionalPuerto Vallarta, JAflyer
Nov 17Nov 18Fiesta NLM SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Nov 30Dec 02Black Eye PeaAthens, TX--
Dec 02Dec 03Austin Winter 0-200Austin, TX--
Dec 04Dec 10Unit 174 December STaC--
Dec 07Dec 10Mexico Cuernavaca SectionalCuernavaca, MRflyer
Dec 11Dec 17Unit 176 Dallas Winter STAC--


Jan 04Jan 07Austin WinterAustin, TX--
Jan 04Jan 07January Election SectionalRichardson, TX--
Jan 11Jan 14BCOH January 299er SectionalHouston, TX--
Jan 12Jan 14Fort Western WinterGrapevine, TX--
Jan 12Jan 15WinterSan Antonio, TX--
Jan 18Jan 21WinterSan Antonio, TX--
Jan 18Jan 21Mazatlan SectionalMazatlan, SIflyer
Jan 20Jan 21D16 NAP FinalsSan Antonio, TX--
Jan 25Jan 28San Miguel SectionalSan Miguel de Allende, GJ--
Jan 26Jan 28Fort Western SectionalFort Worth, TX--
Jan 29Feb 04Lone Star RegionalHouston, TXflyer
Feb 08Feb 11Ajijic SectionalAjijic, JA--
Feb 09Feb 11Texas IndependenceSan Angelo, TX--
Feb 09Feb 11Grapevine SectionalFort Worth, TX--
Feb 10Feb 11Austin Winter NLMAustin, TX--
Feb 16Feb 18Fulton Beach TournamentFulton, TX--
Feb 16Feb 18Heart of TexasTemple, TXflyer
Feb 22Feb 25BCA Spring SectionalAustin, TX--
Feb 22Feb 24Piney Woods SectionalLongview, TX--
Feb 27Mar 04San Miguel Allende RegionalSan Miguel Allende, GJ--
Mar 01Mar 04Kerrville SectionalKerrville, TX--
Mar 01Mar 04Fiesta SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Mar 01Mar 04Big Time in Big D SectionalRichardson, TXflyer
Mar 02Mar 04King Cotton SectionalLubbock, TX--
Mar 08Mar 11Beaumont Spindletop Beaumont, TX--
Mar 16Mar 18Dorsey's Bridge Studio 299er SectionalRichardson, TX--
Mar 19Mar 25Fort Western RegionalDFW Airport, TX--
Mar 22Mar 25KerrvilleKerrville, TX--
Apr 05Apr 08Kerrville SectionalKerrville, TX--
Apr 06Apr 08Fortt Western Spring SectionalFort Worth, TX--
Apr 07Apr 08Austin Spring 0-200Austin, TX--
Apr 13Apr 15Election SectionalHOuston, TX--
Apr 21Apr 22Austin Spring 0-200 SectionalAustin, TX--
Apr 26Apr 29RichardsonRichardson, TX--
Apr 26Apr 29FiestaSan Antonio, TX--
Apr 26Apr 29April BCOH 299er SectionalHouston, TX--
Apr 27Apr 29Bridge Academy of North Dallas 99er SectionalDallas, TX--
May 03May 06Austin Spring SectionalAustin, TX--
May 04May 06Election SectionalHouston, TX--
May 04May 06District 16 GNT Finals 2018Houston, TX--
May 24May 28Memorial Day SectionalRichardson, TX--
May 31Jun 03SummerSan Antonio, TX--
Jun 08Jun 10Nearly Summer SectionalHouston, TN--
Jun 09Jun 10Austin Summer NLMAustin, TX--
Jun 22Jun 24Arlington SummerGrapevine, TX--
Jul 02Jul 08AustinAustin, TX--
Jul 13Jul 15Bridge Academy of North Dallas 199er SectionalDallas, TX--
Jul 20Jul 22Tyler Tournament of RosesTyler, TX--
Aug 03Aug 05Summer Shower SectionalLubbock, TX--
Aug 09Aug 12Awesome August SectionalHouston, TX--
Aug 10Aug 12Bridge on the Brazos WacoWaco, TX--
Aug 17Aug 19Beaumont 499erBeaumont, TX--
Aug 18Aug 19Austin Summer 0-200Austin, TX--
Aug 22Aug 25San Antonio NLM RegionalSan Antonio, TX--
Aug 28Sep 03Dallas Labor Day RegionalRichardson, TX--
Sep 06Sep 09New BraunfelsNew Braunfels, TX--
Sep 06Sep 09September BCOH 299er SectionalHouston, TX--
Sep 20Sep 23Austin Fall SectionalAustin, TX--
Sep 21Sep 23Wichita Falls SectionalWichita Falls, TX--
Oct 04Oct 06Beaumont Fall SectionalBeaumont, TX--
Oct 05Oct 07Fort Western Election SectionalFort Worth, TX--
Oct 05Oct 06Dorsey's Bridge Studio 299er SectionalRichardson, TX--
Oct 11Oct 14Election SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Oct 12Oct 13Dorsey's Bridge Studio 299er SectionalRichardson, TX--
Oct 12Oct 14Fort Western Election SectionalFort Worth, TX--
Oct 15Oct 21Beaumont Gusher RegionalBeaumont, TX--
Oct 15Oct 21Abilene Fall Harvest SectionalAbilene, TX--
Oct 19Oct 21Rockport Beach SectionalRockport, TX--
Oct 19Oct 21Abilene Fall Harvest SectionalAbilene, TX--
Oct 26Oct 28Rockport Beach SectionalRockport, TX--
Oct 31Nov 04Permian Basin RegionalMidland, TX--
Nov 01Nov 04Dallas Fall SectionalRichardson, TX--
Nov 09Nov 11Leads on the LakeLeague City, TX--
Nov 10Nov 11Austin Fall NLMAustin, TX--
Dec 01Dec 02Austin Winter 0-200Austin, TX--


Jan 03Jan 06Austin WinterAustin, TX--
Jan 17Jan 20BCSA Winter SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Feb 04Feb 10Lone Star RegionalHouston, TX--
Feb 15Feb 17Rockport Beach SectionalRockport, TX--
Feb 15Feb 17Fort WesternFort Worth, TX--
Feb 22Feb 24Rockport Beach SectionalRockport, TX--
Feb 28Mar 03Austin BCA SectionalAustin, TX--
Mar 01Mar 03King Cotton SectionalLubbock, TX--
Mar 04Mar 10Tournament Of StarsTyler, TXflyer
Mar 07Mar 09Beaumont Spindletop SectionalBeaumont, TX--
Mar 28Mar 31Kerrville SectionalKerrville, TX--
Apr 05Apr 07Election SectionalHouston, TX--
Apr 08Apr 14Tournament of StarsTyler, TX--
Apr 25Apr 28RichardsonRichardson, TX--
May 02May 05BCSA Spring SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
May 03May 05Fort WesternFort Worth, TX--
May 16May 19Austin Spring SectionalAustin, TX--
May 30Jun 02Fiesta Summer SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Jun 07Jun 09Nearly Summer SectionalHouston, TX--
Jun 21Jun 23Arlington Duplicate BridgeGrapevine, TX--
Jul 01Jul 07Fourth of July RegionalSan Antonio, TX--
Aug 02Aug 04Summer Shower SectionalLubbock, TX--
Aug 08Aug 11Awesome August SectionalHouston, TX--
Aug 09Aug 11Bridge on the Brazos WacoWaco, TX--
Aug 15Aug 17Beaumont 499er SectionalBeaumont, TX--
Sep 05Sep 08New Braunfels SectionalNew Braunfels, TX--
Sep 19Sep 22Austin Fall SectionalAustin, TX--
Sep 20Sep 22Wichita Falls Sectional TournamentWichita Falls, TX--
Sep 23Sep 29Beaumont Gusher RegionalBeaumont, TX--
Sep 27Sep 29Wichita Falls Wichita Falls, TX--
Oct 11Oct 13Fort WesternFort Worth, TX--
Oct 17Oct 20Election SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Oct 18Oct 20Abilene Fall Harvest SectionalAbilene, TX--
Oct 25Oct 27Fall Festival SectionalHumble, TX--
Nov 01Nov 03Fulton Beach SectionalFulton, TX--


Jan 02Jan 05Austin Winter SectionalAustin, TX--
Jan 09Jan 12Dallas Election SectionalRichardson, TX--
Jan 17Jan 20Winter SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Feb 03Feb 09Lone Star RegionalHouston, TX--
Feb 14Feb 16Rockport Beach SectionalFulton, TX--
Feb 21Feb 23Rockport Beach SectionalRockport, TX--
Feb 21Feb 23Fort Western SectionalFort Worth, TX--
Feb 27Mar 01BCA Spring SectionalAustin, TX--
Apr 02Apr 05Kerrville SectionalKerrville, TX--
Apr 03Apr 05Election SectionalHouston, TX--
Apr 13Apr 19Fort Western RegionalDFW Airport, TX--
Apr 23Apr 26BCSA Spring SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Apr 30May 03Austin Spring Open SectionalAustin, TX--
May 28May 31Fiesta Summer SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Jun 05Jun 07Nearly Summer SectionalHOuston, TX--
Jun 29Jul 05Austin 4th of July RegionalAustin, TX--
Aug 06Aug 09Awesome August SectionalHouston, TX--
Sep 10Sep 13New Braunfels SectionalNew Braunfels, TX--
Sep 25Sep 27Wichita FallsWichita Falls, TX--
Oct 02Oct 04Fort WesternFort Worth, TX--
Oct 15Oct 18Willson Davis Jr. Election SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Oct 19Oct 25Abilene Fall Harvest SectionalAbilene, TX--
Oct 30Nov 01Rockport Beach SectionalRockport, TX--
Nov 06Nov 08Leads on the LakeLeague City, TX--


Jan 07Jan 10Austin Winter SectionalAustin, TX--
Jan 14Jan 17Winter SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Feb 19Feb 21Rockport Beach SectionalRockport, TX--
Feb 19Feb 21Fort WesternFort Worth, TX--
Mar 25Mar 28KerrvilleKerrville, TX--
Apr 11Apr 18Tournament of StarsTyler, TX--
Apr 29May 02Fiesta Spring SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
May 21May 23Fort WesternFort Worth, TX--
Jun 10Jun 13Summer SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Jun 29Jul 05Fourth of July RegionalSan Antonio, TX--
Sep 09Sep 12New Braunfels SectionalNew Braunfels, TX--
Sep 24Sep 26Wichita FallsWichita Falls, TX--
Oct 07Oct 10Election SectionalSan Antonio, TX--
Oct 08Oct 10Fort WesternFort Worth, TX--
Oct 25Oct 31Corpus Christi RegionalCorpus Christi, TX--