Revised Draft: 12/14/09

American Contract Bridge League District 16

Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors Held September 5, 2009

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of District 16 of the American Contract Bridge League was held at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas at 10 a.m. on September 5, 2009.

Board members present (Units represented in parentheses): Ira Hessel (172), Guillermo Poplawsky (173), Bert Onstott (174), Bob Butterfield (176), Tom Hughes (183), Carol Schoenhals (197), Norinne Nelson (205), Howard Wilkins (224), Gay Roach (225) and David Pennington (233).

Committee Chairs and others present: Dewitt Hudson, Charles Price, Scott Humphrey, Jonathan Ernest, Mark Bumgardner, John Zilic, Michael Heyman and Dick Nelson.

The meeting was called to order by President Ira Hessel.

The minutes of the meeting held July 4, 2009 were approved as presented to the meeting with one correction.

Executive Treasurer: A report from Lew Levy, together with the District’s financial statements as of and for the eight-month period ended August 31, 2009, was distributed, reviewed and discussed. The report showed that (i) revenues exceeded expenses by $8,145 for the eight months and (ii) the total assets of the District exceeded its total liabilities by $32,409 at the end of the period. It noted that the operating surplus is primarily due to the profitability of the STAC games and the Puerto Vallarta Regional.

Awards: Scott Humphrey reported that the District 16 Oswald and Jim Jacoby Award for 2009 would be presented that evening. Howard Wilkins encouraged each Unit to award Texas Star and Goodwill awards to deserving members each year to help recognize those who have contributed to bridge within the Unit.

Charity: Carol Schoenhals reported that District-wide charity games will be held October 2, 2009 (afternoon and evening) and that proceeds would go to the ACBL Charity Foundation.

Education and Membership: A chart showing detailed District 16 membership and growth by Unit since July 2004 was presented, reviewed and discussed. Overall, the membership of the District has increased to 8,733 from 8,099 during that period. Non-Life Masters comprises 62% of the total District membership currently.

Internet: Bert Onstott reported that he had successfully eliminated viruses that had gotten onto the District’s website. He also noted that he planned to have a meeting with Unit webmasters to discuss matters of mutual interest.

North American Pairs: John Zilic reported that he is working to increase participation in the NAP games within the District. He noted that some clubs aren’t holding NAP qualifying games. He also urged Units to get timely sanctions for NAP games.

Scorecard: Ira Hessel reported that he has been soliciting announcements for the Scorecard from other Districts, and that approximately 50% of the total Scorecard announcements are now from outside the District. As a result of this and other efforts to increase revenues and decrease expenses, deficits from publication of the Scorecard have been reduced significantly. He also noted that he has been working with the printer to try to get the Scorecard printed and mailed on a more timely basis. Bert Onstott suggested that, with respect to members who are willing to only receive the Scorecard online, we renew our efforts to facilitate their opting out of the mailing list for hard copies. After discussion, it was decided that Ira Hessel and Bert Onstott would work with Richard Oshlag of the ACBL to do this.

Tournaments: Charles Price reported that Abilene was unable to host a Split-Regional in 2010. Instead, a Split-Regional will be held in East Texas (Tyler) from November 15-21, 2010. The intent is that Abilene get back in the rotation to host a Split-Regional in the future.

Board of Governors Report: DeWitt Hudson reported that total ACBL membership is currently approximately 168,000.

New Business: David Pennington reported on efforts in Unit 233 to attract new players. They recently held a special free game primarily intended to introduce duplicate bridge to social bridge players, with lunch and a presentation explaining duplicate scoring, bidding strategy and other matters. They distributed flyers to social bridge clubs in the area and got announcements published in local newspapers to promote the event. He reported that the event was very successful.

Ira Hessel recognized and commended Unit 183 for the excellent work done in putting on the Fort Worth Regional.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.