Dallas Board Meeting, September 1,2007

Meeting Called to Order:

Voting Members present: 172 Ira Hessel; 174 Eric Snow; 176 Gerrie Owen; 197 Carol Schoenhals; 207 Larry Davis; 224 Howard Wilkins; 225 Gay Roach;

Non-Voting Members present: 173 G. Poplawsky; Sue Doe; Sandy Campbell; Dewitt Hudson; Dan Morse

There is a Quorum.

District President Opening Remarks (Eric Snow) Minutes Approved.

District Representative Report (Dan Morse)

I was elected President of the ACBL for the 2008 year.

The building has been sold and we have an option to rent for up to 18 months. Now there are a lot of options as to whether to buy or build a new building in Memphis or to relocate all together. There is a staff of 72 that would need to relocate along with 90 tournament directors. I would like for you all to go back to your cities and talk with the officials about sending a proposal to Memphis to relocate to Texas.

A new foundation has been created for the Hall of Fame and Bridge Library so you can donate bridge books and memorabilia for tax write-offs. There will be more information in the upcoming ACBL Bulletins.

It is time to renew your unit liability insurance so have your board send in their renewal payments.

Treasurer's Report (Lew Levy)

We have approximately $14,000 cash in the bank with a net income for the year of about $5,000. The GNT made a profit of .42 cents. Houston had an ad in the May/June Scorecard which did not arrive until the week of the tournament.

Gerrie Owen: I move to waive the fee for the June ad. SECONDED. VOTE TAKEN. APPROVED.

Secretary's Report (Donna Compton)

We would like for everyone to check their contact information on the District website and send updates to Steve Bruce.

Committee Reports:

Appellate (Jonathan Ernest)

All is well.

Awards (Eric Snow)

We are going to do the Jacoby Awards today at 1 :30.

Howard Wilkins: The Jacoby Award Committee does not solicit nominations we just accept the nominations from the unit. I don't think that the units realize the people in their units that do all the work at the district level. I would like for you to go back to your units and encourage your units to take a look at their district volunteers and send in the nominations.

Gerrie Owen: There are a lot of old-timers that have been forgotten and so perhaps the unit boards could think about the people who worked many years ago and may not be around anymore.

Eric Snow: It is time to get your nominations in for the Texas Star Award and the Unit Good Will Awards. The nominations are due by December 31, 2007. Please send them to Eric Snow

Charity (Carol Schoenhals)

The District Charity Game is coming up on October 25th. The ACBL has sent out all of the information to the Unit Secretaries. The monies will go to the $100,000 that is given out yearly.

GNT (Sandy Campbell)

The good news is that we didn't lose money but the bad news is that the participating was down. We covered the $3,000 subsidies for the teams to go to Nashville.

Membership & Education (Betty Starzec)

All is well.

Intermediate/Newcomer Coordinator (Su Doe)

We would like to get the new I/N coordinators names and contact information so that I can send out information. Internet (Steve Bruce) All is well.

NAP (John Zilic)

Table count is up for the NAP. We have not heard anything from Mexico, Wichita Falls, or Magic Valley for the current year. So if you plan on holding a unit final, they need to get the game sanctioned and get the information to Ira Hessel for the Scorecard. It looks as if we will receive at least one At-Large position this year.

If you change the dates of your unit qualifying, then you must let ACBL know of the change.

Tournament (Charles Price)

Beaumont will not be hosting the 2009 regional and Abilene will be hosting the 2010 regional. It is still unknown whether Abilene will split the 2010 regional with Magic Valley.

Disciplinary (Sandy Campbell)

All is well.

Scorecard (Ira & Ellen Hessel)

One thing that gets unwieldy are the National results. The Scorecard needs to have guidelines has to what to print.

MOTION: Gay Roach: I make a motion to raise the unit charge from 30 to 40 cents beginning with the January/February 2008 Scorecard.

The columnists are doing a great job!

Board of Governors (Dewitt Hudson)

There are four nominations for the Board of Governors to be voted on in September. Please have your units send in there ballots.

There is a new team event called Team of 8 where Flight A pairs are 3 points, Flight B pairs are 2 points and Flight C pairs are I point. The combination of the team cannot exceed 8 points. Arlington held this event a few weeks ago at the club and had 28 teams.

Puerto Vallarta Regional (Guillermo Poplawsky)

The hotel reservations are up and we could have a staffing problem but this is a good thing.

Unit Reports:

Unit 176: Gerrie Owen:

Dallas is building their mentoring program by having the 200 point players mentor the 0-20 players and the 3000 point players mentor the life masters. The mentor gets a free entry. The program is just mushrooming!

Unit 225:

Athens has a new club house.



Toni Snow is putting together letters for the units regarding 2009 Houston NABC regional events. You will be able name the events for a price ranging between $150.00¬$1000.00. If your unit would like to have a day, please contact Toni as soon as possible.

Thank you Dallas for your tournament. Meeting Adjourned.