Dallas Board Meeting, September 2, 2005

Meeting Called to Order.

There is a Quorum.

District President Opening Remarks (Dewitt Hudson)

Review of Minutes.

MOTION: Minutes approved. SECONDED. Vote Taken. MOTION CARRIED. None Opposed.

District Representative Report (Dan Morse)

Thanks to Dallas for the wonderful breakfast this morning.

We should go home and encourage our bridge clubs to offer free bridge lessons for a $10 donation to the Katrina Refugees Fund. Perhaps it would be possible to have a duplicate game even though it is an International Fund month. This would be a great opportunity to get bridge in the newspapers.

District 16 used to have over 9000 members but we have dropped below that number. If we can get back over 9000 members, our District will be eligible for an additional regional.

Treasurer's Report (Tom Hughes)

I passed out a register which does not include $2-3,000 in deposits that do not show up on the report. We are still sending regular money to the Scorecard each year. Perhaps we need to look at raising some more funds. We will know more once the ad increases are implemented.

Secretary's Report (Donna Compton)

Please have your Unit forward a copy of your Officer Update Form that you send into the Club Department and update the unit websites.

Committee Reports:

Appellate (Scott Humphrey)

All is well. Awards (Eric Snow) We will do the Jacoby Award presentation tonight at 7:30 before the evening game.

Reminder of the Texas Star Award needs to be in by the end of the year.

District 16 Good Will Committee (see HO). District will have the pins made and distributed by the end of the year to be distributed at the beginning of next year.

MOTION: Change the pin to say "ACBL Unit Goodwill Award" SECONDED. Vote Taken. MOTION CARRIED. None Opposed.

James LaFountain: I just want to say that Dewitt is the most active President I have ever seen. The way that he and his wife travel around to all ofthe tournaments and getting the Mayors involved. It is remarkable the goodwill that he is spreading throughout our District.

Dewitt Hudson: Is there a volunteer of the year award presented by the ACBL President.

Dan Morse: Yes. Bruce Reeve started that award and it is an ongoing program.

Charity (Carol Schoenhals)

The committee has decided to divide the money into 5 different donations of $4,000 a piece. I personally have received 4 grant proposals. The deadline is October 1,2005. We would like to have more proposals submitted prior to the deadline. The charity must be a 501-3C and must get the newspapers involved in the donation.

Dan Morse: The award must be given in 2006 but I do not think that we need to submit the charities until October 2006. We need to check on the deadlines for submission.

Carol Schoenhals: Do you want the District Committee or the subcommittee to make the decisions.

Tom Corlett: I gave your committee permission to make the decision and I think that is how it should be made.

Dewitt Hudson: 197,201, and 204 lost money in 2004. This year we had 5 units that could be awarded the refund. 201 and 209 have a charity refund coming to them if they initiate the paperwork before November 30, 2005.

GNT (Sandy Campbell)

The GNT is complete for the year 2005. Players have asked if the member strata points could be adjusted to add a 5th flight. ISSUE TABLED.

We would like to ask for a $1 surcharge for big swiss team game at each of the regionals to supplement the GNT teams to the NABC Finals.

Gerrie Owen: I object to charging the masses an extra $1 for the smallest level of participation in our District.

Dan Morse: I think we should send out a letter to every unit to see if they have any ideas to help support the GNT teams to the NABCs.

Dewitt Hudson: Arlington Bridge Club had a charity game to supplement the GNT teams including the Flight A teams. I don't want to be in the same situation next year so I want to come up with a solution to raising money for the NABC teams.

Tom Corlett: I don't think we can force people to pay extra for an event in which that they are not going to participate.

Dewitt Hudson: Please go back to your units and discuss this issue.

Dan Morse: Why don't we have Sandy write a letter to the Unit boards and find out what they mayor may not do for the GNT.


Membership & Education (Donna Compton)

Our membership numbers are on the rise. I have presented on one Unit Growth Seminar in our District. I have two more scheduled in October. I urge everyone to return to their unit boards and make plans to host a Unit Growth Seminar soon.

Dan Morse: Harriett Buckman is going to make 2006 the Year of the Teacher and she will be in Dallas for the NABC and would like to meet with all of our District teachers.

Intermediate/Newcomer Coordinator (Su Doe)

All is well.

Internet (Steve Bruce)

Please send in Tournament Flyers as soon as they are approved by the ACBL.

NAP (John Zilic)

In the Scorecard we have the Unit Finals dates and times. Wichita Falls will have to switch their dates at the last minute. But otherwise the list is up to date.

We expect the usual attendance and in fact the NAP unit and district finals are increasing.

Tournament (Charles Price)

All is well.

Disciplinary (Sandy Campbell)

All is well.

Scorecard (Donna Compton)

All is well.

Board of Governors (Dewitt Hudson)

In my article in the Scorecard, I referenced to the insurance issue and I strongly encourage that all the units have insurance.

The Arlington Bridge Club was held up at gun point by 3 masked men who took purses, wallets, jewelry and keys. The ABC hired an off duty police officer who apprehended the men 3 days later when they returned for a second robbery attempt.

The Education Foundation has money to distribute for educational promotions in your unit. The grant request deadline is October 1st. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

Puerto Vallarta Regional (Judy McDonald)

Tournament room count is doing great. The Speaker Program is set and was printed in the Scorecard ad. We are looking forward to a very successful tournament.


MOTION: Beginning with 2006, the Immediate Past President becomes the Chairman of the Board. SECONDED. Vote Taken. MOTION CARRIED. None Opposed.

Thank you Dallas for your tournament. Meeting Adjourned.