Dallas Board Meeting, September 4, 2004

Meeting Called to Order: There is a quorum.

Voting Members present:
G. Poplawsky, Unit 172; Gerrie Owen, Jolie Hess, Unit 174; Unit 176; Tom Hughes, Unit 183; Carol Schoenhals, Unit 197; Larry Davis, Unit 207; Gay Roach, Unit 225; Tom Corlett, Unit 233

Non-Voting Members present:
Dan Morse; Chris Compton; Tom Whitesides; Donna Compton; John Zilic; Sandy Campbell; G. Poplawsky; Charlie Price; Dewitt Hudson

Distinguished Guests present:
Betty Byrd; Coleen Palmer; Kevin Perkins

There is a Quorum.

Approval of Minutes:
Moved by Dan - Seconded by Dewitt Hudson APPROVED

District Representative Report (Dan Morse):
A real estate committee has been formed to relocate the Memphis office. The Committee will meet in Memphis on September 20th, 2004.

A new video - Pay for view channel will be in 1000 homes by June 2005. ACBL is looking at placing a program on this channel. The format of the show is still being discussed but perhaps the show may be one of experts playing with celebrities.

As of September 1, 2004 the ACBL is up 1500 members. However, District 16 is down 187 members. Since 1990 we have lost 1-2% yearly. I think we are getting new members, we are just not retaining them.

Treasurer's Report (Tom Hughes)
We have $13, 866.00 in the bank. The District insurance is not going up this year which is the only outstanding bill.

Committee Reports:
Appellate (Scott Humphrey)
All is well.

Awards (Eric Snow)
Jacoby award will be presented this evening before the session begins. Please start thinking about possible candidates for next year's award. This award is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for those countless volunteers in our District.

Charity (Carol Schoenhals)
Our charity game is scheduled for Friday September 24th, 2004.

Our District has been awarded the 2006 $20K to distribute to a Texas charity. Perhaps we will have 4 charities. I am forming a committee to review possible cities and charities to donate this money.

Tom Corlett: As you go back to your units, mention this fund and send charity nominations to Carol.

Dan Morse: Keep in mind that charities & the Press are the focus of this donation.

GNT (Sandy Campbell)
We submitted the conditions of contest changes to make the qualifying round a swiss format and the Top Flight will be a 20 victory point scale.

GNT representative should be the contact person in the case of cancellation. There may be time to contact the next team in line for representation at the National level. But if no one knows of the cancellation we cannot possible send an alternate team.

Membership & Education (Donna Compton)
Membership numbers are down for District 16. The ACBL has a free Unit Growth Seminar and it is available to any Unit. You just need to contact Donna Compton at donna.compton@acbl.org to reserve your seminar. Unit 183 hosted a UGS in April and both their membership recruitment and retention numbers have begun to increase.

Tom Corlett: I think the District Board should STRONGLY suggest that every unit in District 16 host this seminar in the near future.

Su Doe: University Interscholastic League is an excellent organization to contact regarding bridge in schools.

Intermediate/Novice Coordinator (Su Doe)
The District Education Liaison/Intermediate Novice reception was a success - 6 out of 17 units were present. Many ideas were shared and discussed. There are many wonderful programs going on in our District.

Internet (Charles Richards)
This year, District 16 website cost $19.99.

NAP (John Zilic)
A packet is sent out each year for the NAP and the units are not receiving the information. The sanctions are late and incomplete. We need the coordinators to be coordinators.

Special Events are supposed to send it to the NAP Coordinator but oftentimes the coordinator contact information is not current so the packets are not received by the units. Please make an effort to update your unit's contact information regularly.

Tournament (Charles Price)
We are having lots of tournaments.

Disciplinary (Sandy Campbell)
All is well.

Scorecard (Donna Compton)
All is well. Rates were raised and all the units paid their bills.

Board of Governors (Dewitt Hudson)
University College Competition is an excellent place to recruit members and there are lots of funds for this program.

Mark Shuman is asking for a $3,500.00 grant to put bridge in schools in Richardson ISD. District 4 in DISD is open to having bridge. If there is anyone in that District interested in teaching in schools, please contact me.

Players would like to have the sections scored across the field.

Tom Whitesides: We do score across the sections in the Flight A & AX. But there is a slight advantage to the better players and there are technical difficulties.

The International, Junior and Charity games are all equal. Beginning in 2005 you can designate any club game as one of these games.

Chris Compton: The District is being very helpful in hosting the upcoming USBF regionals and International Team Trials. We thank you.

Tom Corlett: Thank you, Dallas, for your tournament. Meeting Adjourned.