Texas Regional Conference
District 16

Minutes from September 2, 2000 Fort Worth, Texas

President Scott Humphrey called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Voting members present: Tom Corlett (Unit 233), Charlie Price (Unit 176), Ross Robbins (Unit 237), Tom Hughes (Unit 183), Lu Edwards (Unit 174), Martha DeCou (Unit 187), Sandy Rea (Unit 209), Howard Wilkin (Unit 224), Richard Kiepfer (Unit 172), Laura Dee (Unit 225). A quorum is present.

Guests and Committee Members present: Cindy Snider, Scott Humphrey, Mary Hogue, Al Lochli, Eric Snow, Tom Whitesides, Donna Compton, Toni Snow, Sandy Campbell, Tom Simpson, Penny Snow.

The minutes of the July 1, 2000 meeting in Austin were approved.

Tom Hughes presented the Executive Treasurer's report. The District has a balance of $12,536 as of July 29, 2000. As the balance continues to grow, it was noted that in future years there might be an opportunity to assist the Grand National Team winners in the form of a subsidy. It was suggested that the Unit Representatives and GNT Coordinators review these possibilities and come to the February meeting in Houston with recommendations on a possible GNT subsidy.

Scott reported on the Appellate Committee. There is one pending item that is being addressed.

Howard Wilkins reported on the Nominations for the Jacoby Service Award and the Texas Star Award. He is concerned that the Jacoby Service Award nominations, which are due on July 1 of each year, are not being given the appropriate attention at the Unit Level. The Unit's are responsible for nominating those who they believe have exhibited outstanding service in a volunteer capacity at the District 16 level. The Texas Star Award is presented at the February Regional to Unit Nominee from each Unit. It was decided that a description of the Jacoby Service Award and the Texas Star Award would be published in the next Scorecard. Howard will ascertain that Donna gets the latest version of the award qualifications to print.

Lu Edwards and Sandy Campbell presented the report on the GNT's. They will be held in Richardson, Texas, May 26, 27 and 28, 2001. There will be a new level in 2001. The Championship is unlimited. The Flight A is limited to 5,000 masterpoints, the Flight B is limited to 2,000 masterpoints and Flight C is Non-life master with fewer than 500 masterpoints. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously carried that there will be no pre-qualifying (at the Unit level) requirement for the Flight A and the Championship Flights.

Cindy Snider reported on behalf of Jacque Tucker that she wanted to secure the dates for the Mexico Regional in October of 2002. There is a question as to whether Beaumont is scheduled for a Split Regional at that time. Tom Whitesides said that he did not have a sanction. We need to determine if Beaumont still wants the split Regional during October 2002 and then make the appropriate schedule postings.

Al Lochli reported that he has posted the financial reports that Tom Hughes prepared. He also posted the February minutes and is waiting on the July minutes. The Houston Spring 2002 National Website is up and current.

It was moved, seconded and unanimously carried that the Conduct and Ethics Committee name be changed to the Disciplinary Committee in accord with the National guidelines.

Toni Snow reported that all is well with the Scorecard.

Eric Snow reported on the status of the Houston Spring 2002 Nationals. The committee is continuing the appeal for Corporate Sponsorship. The committee also expressed thanks and gratitude to the Texas Regional Units that have charged an extra $1 on Saturday and passed along the money to Houston. The committee is aware that the three site locations will be taxing on the volunteers. Houston is seeking volunteers for all playing sites. They will also be selling tee shirts. For $5,000, the list price to name a national event, the National Mixed Pairs will be named after George and Carol Dawkins. Ira Hessel will be coordinating the money raising efforts for this event.

Eric Snow also reported on the statewide team Championship. This event has been created to gain additional publicity for bridge in each city in Texas. It is hoped that the mayor from each city will come to the award ceremony and that this will garner significant publicity for the sport of bridge. There will be one representative from each Unit/city in Texas to include El Paso and Amarillo. It will be a team event. There will be no entry fees paid to the District. Draft Conditions of Contest were presented and a motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the Draft Conditions of Contest as presented. The finals of the Texas State Championship will be held in Austin during September or October 2001. Donna Compton suggested that she is aware of enough juniors that could be encouraged to participate for a Junior Championship. Eric will pursue this additional option.

During the February 2001 meeting in Houston, we will vote on the replacement for the Board of Governors position to be vacated by Jacque Tucker.

Cindy Snider reported that she and Dan Morse spoke with George Rosencrantz in Anaheim about the possibility of District 16 running the Mexico City tournament. More details to follow.

Tom Corlett made a motion for District 16 to implement the ACBL's policy for NABC tournaments regarding the use of cell phones. The motion was seconded and passed.

Congratulations and thanks were extended to the Fort Worth Unit for hosting a terrific tournament at the Worthington Hotel. Thanks were also extended for hosting a delicious breakfast. The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 10:00 a.m.V

Meeting adjourned at 11:15.