Austin Board Meeting, July 5, 2008

Meeting Called to Order.

Voting Members present: Ira Hessel, 172; G. Poplawsky, 173; Eric Snow, 174; Gerrie Owen, 176; Tom Hughes, 183; Margaret Crumpler, 187; Carol Schoenhals, 197; Neal Perlman, 204; Mark McAllister, 207; Howard Wilkins, 224; Gay Roach, 225; David Pennington, 233; Alla Mae Westbrook, 237.

Non-Voting Members present: Toni Snow, Betty Starzec and John Zilic, 174; Charlie Price, 176; Larry Davis and Mary Anne Laier, 207; Jonathan Ernest, 225; Tom Whitesides, DeWitt Hudson, Herman Witte and Michael Heymann.

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were amended to indicate the presence of DeWitt Hudson and then approved.

Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's report was read and approved after considerable discussion. The Scorecard Accounts Receivable of about $12,000 was of particular interest. Eric Snow, Unit 174, and Larry Davis, President, will investigate.

Committee Reports


Updated membership information given.


(report made by President Davis)

Still some outstanding checks. President Davis will investigate. Any proposed changes to the District 16 GNT conditions of contest should be presented to the Board for its consideration.


All units should hold a unit-level NAP qualifier and send the results to John Zilic, Unit 174.


The Scorecard is losing too much money due to increased printing and mailing costs. The Scorecard Committee met and the chairman made several recommendations to the Board. By the March 09 issue, the Scorecard would no longer be USPS mailed unless a subscriber makes an active request to continue with regular mail. The Scorecard would be available only on-line to every subscriber who did not specifically request a physical mailing. The Scorecard Committee will work out the details of how to implement this plan and present to the Board at the Dallas meeting in August. Unit columns will be capped at 1000 words. The maximum length of the Scorecard will be 16 pages. Pictures will only be published for events having at least 10 tables. The Committee asked for a 20-cent increase per person per issue. A motion was made to incorporate all of the above proposals. There was considerable discussion. The motion was amended to have only a 10-cent increase. The motion carried.


Next year District 16 will get charity funds from the ACBL. We can give to at most five different charitable organizations. The proper IRS forms must be submitted by a potential grantee in order to be considered. Send recommendations and IRS forms to Carol Schoenhals, Unit 197.

Puerto Vallarta

Lew Crippen will co-chair the next PV Regional and will make a report at the Dallas Regional Tournament: East Texas expressed an interest in having a split regional

Old Business


New Business

The President proposed forming a committee to investigate what, if anything, should be done about the extra $1 collected at regional tournaments on Saturdays for future national tournaments held in District 16. Among other questions, should the $1 be collected even if no national tournament is on the horizon, for how many regionals prior to the national tournament should the $1 be collected, what should be done with any monies collected that are not earmarked for the national tournament? The President will form the committee, and the committee will report to the Board at the Dallas meeting in August.

The President thanked Austin for their hosting of the tournament. The meeting was adjourned.