San Antonio Board Meeting, July 7, 2007

Meeting Called to Order:

Voting Members present: Ira Hessel, Unit 172; Eric Snow, Unit 174; Charlie Price, Unit 176; Bob Gerberich, Unit 187; Norinne Nelson, Unit 205; Larry Davis, Unit 207; Howard Wilkins, Unit 224; David Pennington, Unit 233; AlIa Mae Westbrook, Unit 237.

Non-Voting Members present: Guillermo Poplawsky, Unit 173; Donna Compton, Unit 176; Betty Starzec, Unit 174; Su Doe, Unit 176; Toni Snow, Unit 174; Dewitt Hudson, Unit 183; Tom Whitesides, Unit 176; Ellen & Ira Hessel, Unit 172; Jonathan Ernest, Unit 225; Lew Levy, Unit 174.

There is a Quorum.

District President Opening Remarks (Eric Snow):

The first order of business is the approval of the minutes. MOTION TO APPROVED. SSECONDED. APPROVED.

District Representative Report (Dan Morse):

Dan was competing in the United States Senior Team Trials prior to the meeting which he won. He will be representing the United States in Shanghai, China in September. He sent a message that there was nothing special to report since the Houston Regional.

Treasurer's Report (Lew Levy)

The District Treasurer requests the Board vote on the following:


I will be recognizing income and expenses as received. I put everything on Quickbooks and I thank the Houston Unit for donating a copy of Quickbooks to the District. To date we have made $3,404.35 and we have $18,297.12. MOTION TO APPROVE. SECONDED. APPROVED.

Secretary's Report (Donna Compton):

Please make sure you send me the new contact information for Unit Representative.

Committee Reports:

Appellate (Jonathan Ernest):

All is quiet on the Western Front.

Awards (Eric Snow):

Jacoby Award: I only received one nomination for this year's Jacoby Award. The past nominees remain in the pool. Texas Stars Awards: The Award will be presented in February 2008 at the Houston Regional. It is now time to send in your Unit's nomination. Goodwill Awards: Please send in your nominations by December 31, 2007.

Charity (Carol Schoenhals):

This years District Charity Game will be held on October 25th. All correspondence will be sent via email to the Units. Unit Charity Representatives lease update your email information with the ACBL.

GNT (Sandy Campbell):

The GNT attendance was down slightly this year. I will give a full report at the Dallas District Meeting.

Membership & Education (Betty Starzee):

Our membership was down this year for the first time in a while. I hope this is not a continuing trend. We need to work on recruiting new members and retaining the members we recruit.

The average age for the ACBL is 68 and our District average is 67. We are 14th out of 25 in the ACBL.

The ACBL has updated the Club Series Books and I am lucky to have been hired on a contract basis to revise these books. The bidding and play teacher manuals are available online for free. The TAP has also been updated to include Eddie Kantar and Pat Harrington's teaching materials. So if anyone wants to have a TAP around here, let me know.

Intermediate/Newcomer Coordinator (Su Doe):

I would like to encourage all units to create an Adopt-A-Player program. A 200 point player can mentor a 10 points player. If you structure your mentoring program in this manner, you will be sure to have enough mentors. There are several sample mentoring programs on the ACBL website. I encourage all units to form a mentoring committee and start a new program this fall. It is the best way to retain those new members

Internet (Steve Bruce):

All is Well.

NAP (John Zilic):

We need to have current Unit NAP Coordinators listed with the ACBL because that is the list that I use to contact the units. I have 1/2 of the units registered for this year's NAP and I will be pushing to have the other 1/2 signed up by the end of July. This District has had an "at large" representative for quite a while and we would like to keep it so please go back to your units and promote the upcoming NAP.

Tournament (Charles Price):

You should all have a copy of the last 15 years of tournament information. One thing I wanted to point out is that many years ago, Howard Wilkins organized our West Texas regional. The boxed numbers are for the 4th regional that we have in the year which is hosted on a rotating basis. This idea has worked very well. The problem with Abilene splitting something with the Valley is that Abilene needs to have a regional in the summer and the Valley needs to have one in the Winter.

Howard Wilkins: I actually think that the West Texas regional should be a split regional and we would like to get on the schedule with Corpus Christi.

Alla Mae Westbrook: Actually, the Valley doesn't need to have a regional in the Winter because we have realized that the snow birds do not really support our tournaments.

Howard Wilkins: In response to that we would love to split a tournament with the Valley.

Ira Hessel: I just want to comment that the regional in Donna was very affordable and I think this should be pointed out.

Charlie Price: If you will notice that Beaumont has held their own. Lubbock has held their own as well. Corpus, Donna and Abilene have been doing ok on their table count. But this year, Donna had some problems. Originally I was going to recommend that Corpus have a stand alone tournament but if the Valley and Abilene can work out a split regional then I think it would be better to rotate the 4th between the three areas. If your units can get together and find dates, then we will get it on the calendar.

Sectional Schedules: We are having a problem with the larger units not getting their sanctions in early enough for the smaller units to get on the schedule without conflicting with the larger units. Please go back and encourage your Unit Tournament Coordinator to submit their sanctions at least six months out.

Regional Schedules: We have a lot of Regionals not being sanctioned and advertised in advanced. We need to do a better job of promoting our tournaments. Please take advantage of the free mass email sent out by the ACBL. You can send your tournament information to Butch Campbell.

Disciplinary (Sandy Campbell):

All is well.

Scorecard (Ira Hessel):

I would like to thank Arlene Weingarten and Donna Compton for the all of the help with getting the July! August issue published. I am creating guidelines for submitting ads, columns and picture for the units.

Toni Snow: I would like to thank Donna for 8 years of service. Since Ira Hessel is now the Scorecard Editor we have a position open on the Scorecard Committee. There are four committee members total. Toni Snow, Annette McCarty, and Scott Humprey currently make up the committee. If you are interested in joining the committee please contact me.

Regarding ads: please make sure you include the hotel cut off for hotel reservations in your ads.

Board of Governors (Dewitt Hudson):

There are three positions open for Board of Governors. The Unit Boards will receive ballots in the mail in the near future.

I have been appointed Vice-President of the ACBL Education Foundation and I can answer any questions you may have for requesting funds to promote bridge.

Puerto Vallarta Regional (Guillermo Poplawsky):

In Houston we were discussing having the District 16 Mexican Regional somewhere other than Puerto Vallarta but we received an offer too good to turn down from PV. Reservations are quite high comparing it to previous years so we are encouraged that we will have a big attendance. The dates are October 22-28,2007.

Unit Reports

Unit 172:

We are having a regional. Attendance is down slightly from previous years but it is difficult to compare when July 4th is in the middle of the week.

Unit 173:

The slot machines are booming so bridge is down for now.

Unit 174:

The NABCs will be held in Houston in March 2009 and it will be at the new Hilton downtown. All of the playing areas will be in the same location. We have negotiated $5 parking which is a lot cheaper than the current $20 rate. There is a food court and several restaurants within walking distance. In two years, there will be a lot more restaurants in the area. Other than that, we had nearly 3,000 tables at our February Regional.

Unit 187:

We are on track for a successful regional the first week of November.

Unit 205:

The regional is our big thing. We are coming along with the promotion of the tournament. We have advertised in the Bulletin and we have sent flyers to the large regionals around the country. I also have 700 flyers with me at this tournament and I would like for you to take some back with you to your clubs and sectionals.

Unit 233:

We have two sectionals a year. The one my partner and I ran in March we were up 47 tables from last year including 50 swiss teams on Sunday. My teammates and I won Flight B GNT and we are off to Nashville.


PV Regional Budget: Norinne Nelson:

You have a copy of the proposed budget for the upcoming PV tournament. I would like to suggest that we have one evening of hospitality and make it really nice rather than providing evening hospitality every night.


Proposed Alternative Sectional Schedule (Larry Davis):

It seems to me that the more successful the tournament, the more money the unit loses. I would like to propose a revised schedule for the units to limit the amount of money spent on food.

Guillermo Poplawsky: I work all over the country and what Florida does on Sunday is have seven 7-board matches and subsidize the snack bar $2 a person so they do not lose money on the Sunday meal.

Larry Davis: I am going to encourage the Austin Unit to try the proposed schedule and I will let you know how it works.

Thank you San Antonio for your tournament. Meeting Adjourned.