Austin Board Meeting, July 1, 2006

Meeting Called to Order:

Voting Members present:
Eric Snow, 174; Gerrie Owen, 176; Tom Hughes, 183; Carol Schoenhals, 197; Mary Anne Laier, 207; Howard Wilkins, 224; Gay Roach, 225.

Non-Voting Members present:
Donna Compton, Scorecard; Sandy Campbell, GNT; Dewitt Hudson, BOG; Dan Morse, D16 Director; Jonathan Ernest, 225.

There is a Quorum.

District President Opening Remarks (Dewitt Hudson)
I would like to call to order the 2006 Austin Board meeting. Please review the Houston Board Minutes for approval. MOTION: Houston Board Minutes are approved as is. SECONDED. APPROVED.

District Representative Report (Dan Morse)
ACBL is instigating monthly reviews of the yearly forecast and revenues. Dr. Chris Shaw tested 5th graders and the tests showed that the ones that were taught bridge did better than those who did not take the bridge course.

I just returned from Verona, IT where the US won the overall trophy for best performance. We have three types of club games: Junior (24,000) Charity (29,000) and International (1,400). We need to balance this over the three types and give more games to the International Charity.

ACBL is looking into insurance that the Units can purchase but there is a glitch in the plan in that the Units are not "controlled" by the ACBL.

The AARP/ACBL venture is looking like a big success. The ground work is being laid at the end of the year tournament in Anaheim, CA.

An offer has been made to buy the ACBL Store and privatize the supplies. The BOD will vote on the sale in Chicago.

The Dallas NABCs were a big success. Congrats to Gerrie Owen and her volunteers.

Treasurer's Report (Tom Hughes)
As of yesterday, we have $12,680 in the bank with payments going out to the GNT of $1,000 per team for three teams.

Carol Schoenhals.: Unit 197 GNT check has not been cashed and we mailed it in February.

Sandy Campbell: There was a problem getting the checks from point A to point B. We have made a plan to fix this situation.

Tom Hughes: Mary Hoger will be assisting me on the Audit which will be presented at the Fort Worth Regional in September.

Secretary's Report (Donna Compton)
All is well.

Committee Reports:
Appellate (Scott Humphrey)
Scott Humphrey will no longer be able to serve at the Appellate position because he is going to be a Tournament Director. Jonathan Ernst is hereby appointed to the position of District Appellate Chairman.

Awards (Eric Snow)
We have several nominations for the Jacoby Award which will be presented at the Fort Worth Board Meeting. It is not too early to begin thinking about the Texas Star Awards. Last year we had 17 of the 17 units participate and we would like to see that again. The Unit Goodwill - Every unit except one from Mexico selected a volunteer for the inaugural presentation. The bill for the meal was $1,025.

Charity (Carol Schoenhals)
Nothing new to report regarding ongoing charities. We did make the presentations at the National Good Will reception and it was greatly received by all the charities. Aileen Osofky said it was the best presentation of the award since its inception. We have received some publicity from the charity given to the School Charity. I have not heard from the other four charities but they may have contacted ACBL.

Dewitt Hudson: There is a National Charity Rebate and five of our units are eligible for these rebates. Unit 172 San Antonio - $1548; Unit 174 Houston - $740; Unit 183 Fort Worth - $668; Unit 201 Beaumont - $265; Unit 225 East Texas - $353. San Antonio Unit 172 Board pays the difference of the extra costs for the charity game and then gets the rebates to cover the outgoing costs. If your unit is on this list, please make sure you contact Kelley McGuire prior to November 2006 for your rebate.

GNT (Sandy Campbell)
The Condition of Contest needs to be reviewed and updated immediately. The ACBL COC is the ruling document. The D16 COC can expand on the ACBL COC but cannot be in conflict with the ACBL COC.

There is a committee sending in comments at this time and it should be ready for review at the Fort Worth Board Meeting and will be uploaded onto the District Website shortly thereafter.

We had 47 teams entered which was down from 53 in 2005. Last year we profited $2,270 and this year we will have a profit of approximately $1,500.00.

We had several units that did not participate and I would like to see these units participate in the future events.

Membership & Education (Donna Compton)
The March 31st 2006 QUIP report shows that District 16 is 2nd in the overall ranking with 8.23% increase in the last 12 months.

Since our last meeting, we had only five units that had a net loss. At the beginning of last year, the District challenged each unit to increase their membership by 2%. The following five units achieved this goal: Unit 174 Houston - Unit 176 Dallas - Unit 207 Austin - Unit 233 Waco - Unit 197 Lubbock - Unit 187 Corpus Christi and Unit 353 Wichita Falls. President Dewitt Hudson presented the appreciation plaques to these five units. Unit 207 Austin received a special recognition for highest percentage of membership growth in the last 12 months.

Intermediate/Newcomer Coordinator (Su Doe)
All is well.

Internet (Steve Bruce)
All is well.

NAP (John Zilic)
All is well.

Tournament (Charles Price)
All is well.

Disciplinary (Sandy Campbell)
All is well.

Scorecard (Donna Compton)
Following the May/June issue, there were 47 opt outs for the mailing. This is not going to save the District much money, but perhaps we will get more opt outs as time goes on.

I would like to ask all of you to go back to your unit and request that Tournament Schedules and Tournament Pictures be sent into the Scorecard by the deadline. I am spending a lot of time trying to pull the information out of several of our units.

Board of Governors (Dewitt Hudson)
ACBL/ABA membership game which was held last Saturday was a big hit. There were 10 tables of black players in the game in which I played in Macon, GA. The feedback is still coming in from the rest of the country. But this is a great start!

Puerto Vallarta Regional (Judy McDonald)
All is well.

Unit Reports
Unit 224 Howard Wilkins
I would like to thank the District Board for not allowing the individual counties to leave our unit.

Unit 183 Tom Hughes
Mildred Breed and Shawn Quinn came in and presented a seminar for the Intermediate players. We did lose some money but it was well worth the investment. If you want information on how to organize and promote an intermediate/newcomer seminar in your area, please contact Unit 183 Education Liaison.

Unit 225 Gay Roach
Our tournament is coming up in July and we welcome you all to join us. We have scheduled a Unit Growth Seminar for the fall.

Thank you Austin for your tournament. Meeting adjourned.