San Antonio Board Meeting, July 2, 2005

Meeting Called to Order:

Voting Members present: Roxanna Tom, Unit 172; Eric Snow, Unit 174/Awards; Gerrie Owen, Unit 176; Tom Hughes, Unit 183; ???, Unit 187; Norma Walker, Unit 204; Mary Anne Laier, Unit 207; Mary Lou Gross, Unit 224; Gay Roach, Unit 225; Tom Corlett, Unit 233.

Non-Voting Members present: G. Poplawsky, Unit 173; Donna Compton, Education/Membership Chair (etc.); Sandy Cambell, GNT Coordinator; John Zilic, NAP Coordinator; Chris Compton, Board of Governors/District 16 1st Alternate; Dewitt Hudson, President/Board of Governors; Dan Morse, D 16 Board of Director; Al Lochli, D 16 2nd Alternate; Tom Whitesides, Sanctions.

There is a Quorum.

Recognition of Distinguished Guests - Jimmy La Fountain, President-Elect Unit 233 Central Texas. Stanley Marshal, Unit 187. Bert Onstott, President Unit 174 Houston; Roxanna Tom, President Unit 172 San Antonio; Jackie Sonnenburg Unit 224; Suzanne Dorris, Unit 204.

President's Opening Remarks (Dewitt Hudson)

I am happy to report that District 16 is gaining members as reported in the June 2005 report. I sent letters out to all our unit presidents reporting this good news. At the beginning of2005, District 16 was 20/25 Districts as far as membership growth. I am hoping that in the next quarterly report District 16 will be 9th out of 25 Districts.

District Representative Report (Dan Morse)

The ACBL had a very healthy year last year. An insurance committee has been formed to review all of the different types of insurance offered to the members and the unit boards. We are losing some insurance and it is possible that the ACBL should be requiring every district, unit and club to have some type of insurance. It is difficult to get one insurance policy to fit the large clubs and the small clubs. There are not enough clubs taking advantage of the insurance policies and so they are considering dropping the policies.

The real estate committee is looking at moving the Memphis Headquarters - The building has been put up for sale for a period of time and it does not look like we are going to get what we paid for it. It is unknown where the headquarters may end up.

The charity, international and junior fund games are all equal in ratings. For $1 you can get sectionally-rated games at your clubs in any month except April, June and September.

We should encourage the clubs to hold these charity games. We would like to encourage each unit have a charity and membership committee and provide pins for the members to encourage new members to stay.

Dewitt Hudson: I have a sample of D-9's pin and I would like you to take a look at it and send suggestions. District 16 will buy the pins and send the pins (2 pins) to the units that set up the committees. This would cost approximately $80 the first year and then $70 in each year thereafter.

MOTION: District 16 shall form a subcommittee of the current A wards Committee to make pins available to the units to award to their members in recognition of good will. SECONDED. Vote Taken. MOTION CARRIED. None Opposed.

We are fortunate that most Districts to have a lot ofNABCS - we should encourage our members to plan on supporting the DALLAS NABC in March 2006.

Treasurer's Report (Tom Hughes)

District 16 has roughly a $13,000 balance in the bank today.

Secretary's Report (Donna Compton)

Please remind your unit secretaries to send updated unit contact information to the ACBL Club Department following your yearly elections. I also request that they send a duplicate copy to me so that I may update the District records.

Committee Reports:

Appellate (Scott Humphrey)

All is well.

Awards (Eric Snow)

We have 3 nominations for the Jacoby Awards this year. Please remind your members that there are lots of volunteers that are worthy of this award. Please send in their names to the Award Committee.

We do the Texas Stars at the Houston Regional - Nominations are due at the end of the year. Please see the September/October Scorecard for instructions and make sure your unit submits a nomination for this year. We would like to see 100% participation.

Charity (Carol Schoenhals)

In 2006, District 16 will be given $20,000 to distribute to 50 I C3 organizations through our District. The committee has decided to divide the $20,000 into four $5,000 gifts. Please send your suggestions to me as soon as possible. The committee will be choosing the recipient organizations in November. District 16' May Charity Game hosted the following table count: the morning/afternoon game had 9 sites with 88.5 tables and raised $553.77. The evening game had 5 sites with 35.5 tables and raised $225.44.

GNT (Sandy Campbell)

The District Finals was a little down trom last year but not significantly. We came out ok money wise. The GNT has been in Dallas about 6 years and every year it has made money and put money back into the District coffers. I have enjoyed running the GNT finals. There were a couple of units that did not send people and said it was because their members did not want to participate in the Finals.

Currently, District 16 gives the team representatives of Flights A, B & C a $500 stipend to expenses to the NABCs. I would like to request increase trom the $500 amount to $1000 for each flight. The increased contribution will hopefully subsidize the winners as they go to the NABCs. Several units have proposed matching funds, so this will also increase the teams' winnings.

Tom Hughes: Unit 183 had not planned to give any money to the GNT teams this year. However, we have 2 teams going to Atlanta, so we are holding a fund raising game for their expenses.

Dewitt Hudson: There are two types of Districts - rich and poor - I researched several other Districts to see what monies they provide to their GNT representatives. I found out the following information:

District 17 gives $1600 total which includes the superflight. District 13 gives $1500 per team. District 9 sponsors a club championship to raise money for the GNT teams. District 3 donates $500 plus entry fees (poor district), District 22 gives $1200 per team. District 25 has fund raisers, teams receive around $1500 per team.

Proceeds from the Memorial Day Sectional in Dallas for the District will be approximately $2000 plus the District fees that are collected trom the Units. We feel the increase is needed to encourage participation in the GNTs.

Tom Corlett: There are always going to be complainers. Several people were not happy about the playing space in Richardson. It has been my experience that after a couple of years of complaining you end up with less teams. Some of the units contribute towards to the individuals of their units to supplement the District's contribution. Perhaps we should consider the robinhood plan in Texas. Some of the poor units bend over backwards to give money to their individuals - the rich units should do the same.

Gerrie Owens: The playing-site rooms have been guaranteed for the next 4 years. Also, Dallas has agreed to match what the District gives to the players.

Dan Morse: I think it is a good idea to encourage the units to match the District contribution.

Eric Snow: If we increase the fees this year, we will have to have this fee for the future. We need to think about the years that we don't have the extra money and may be unable to pay the money in future years.

Tom Hughes: The additional $500 per team is not that much because the GNT are making money and our budget is healthy.

Tom Corlett: Perhaps we should tie the money given to teams to the amount raised at the GNT finals.

MOTION: I move to accept Sandy's recommendation to raise the GNT trom $500 to $1000. SECONDED. Vote Taken. MOTION CARRIED. None Opposed.

In order to participate in the GNT in District 16, a player must be a member of District 16 as of September 151. District 16 Conditions of Contest does not include the superflight. I would like to have the conditions include the superflight.

MOTION: The same GNT residency requirement apply to superflight as well as flights A, B, and C. SECONDED. Vote Taken. MOTION CARRIED. None Opposed.

Membership & Education (Donna Compton)

As of June 30, 2005, District 16 has 8,118 members up trom 8,099. We are currently 4th overall in the ACBL. District 17 is in 3rd place with 8,227 members. We just need 109 members to catch District 17!

I would like to thank Dewitt Hudson for the new District name tags. I encourage all of our units to invest in name tags for your board members. It raises awareness of our volunteers and opens communication between the board and unit members.

Please explain to your unit board and club managers that the Junior Fund provides scholarships, camps and recruitment programs for our junior members. It is not just for the few international stars. I think this misconception has caused units to avoid hosting Junior Fund games which only hurts our efforts to gain junior members.

District 16 has 8 new accredited teachers: Debbie Jackson, Gene & Judy Kincaid, Everette Lewis, Bill Moody, Ruth Lerner, Margie Gernsbacher and Joyce Ryan. I encourage all units to create a Teacher Enrichment Program to supplement your unit members to become accredited teachers. Several units are already subsidizing their members. For example, San Antonio Unit 172 gave $20 toward their members' fees for the TAP held at this tournament. District 16 is in desperate need for teachers in all of our units. Encourage your members to become accredited and start teaching!

Intermediate/Newcomer Coordinator (Su Doe)

All is well

Internet (Steve Bruce)

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