District Meeting, Dallas TX August 31, 2002

Voting attendees: Judy McDonald, Ricki Perry, Tom Corlett, Lu Edwards, Tom Hughes, Carol Schoenhals, Gerrie Owen. Non-voting attendees: Hugh and Sandy Campbell, AlIa Mae and Herman Westbrook, Donna Compton, Eric Snow, Dewitt Hudson.

Call the meeting to order. There is a quorwn. There is no Agenda.

Minutes from the last meeting are not here. Tabled until the February Meeting

Treasurer: As of 7/27 balance of$19,000. On Average the District should have $12,000 on hand.

Sandy Campbell: What is our insurance coverage?

The District policy covers from lawsuits for board members, committee members and volunteers for the District. The Unit policies do not cover personal injuries.

Awards: Jacoby Award will be given this evening between sessions. Texas Star Awards will be given at the Houston Regional. Every Unit is entitled to nominate one person for the Texas Star A ward. Send your nominations into Eric Snow by December 1, 2002.

A discussion of how the awards are given the different units. Unit 209 sets up a committee to determine the winner of the Texas Star Award. Unit 172 goes into executive session and the board determines the winner of the award. Special awards are given at the local club as well as at the Houston Regional.

New Pins are needed for the Texas Star Awards.

Charity: District Charity Game is going to be held on November 1 ], 2002. Twin Tower Children are the recipients:

GNT: GNT Super Flight will be held in Temple __ . The other flights will be in Richardson on Memorial Day Weekend. Another 4,000 will be added to the District balance from the GNT.

All Districts must change to 20 point victory point scale before we can change. Must be universal throughout the ACBL. Per ACBL, the superflight cannot be open to everyone and then everyone allowed to play at the Richardson tournament.

Education: Hugh Campbell will email the membership people for each unit and request information on their membership numbers and compile the numbers for the District. He is now on the Memphis mailing list as Education Liaison.

Internet: All is well.

NAP: What does the condition of contest say about club level NAP qualification in conflict with regionals? Are the Conditions on-line?

Scorecard: All is well.

Board of Governors: ACBL Board voted to continue the 1NT announcement.

The New Bulletin: The new version will save the ACBL $51,000.

District By-Laws: Larry Davis, Doc Keifer, Chris Compton are on the By-Laws committee. Would like to change the Officers of the District. Email suggestions to the Board. Have the By-Law Committee fine tune the By-Laws to be presented in Houston.

Odd number of officers: Treasurer, 1 st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, President. No Paid positions.

Vice President: Acts in place of the President.

Officer Elections will take place at the Houston Regional in February 2003.

New Business: Puerto Vallarta Regional- please take flyers back to units and clubs. Great rates for the hotel. Section, overall and door prizes. Encourage everyone to come because the profits go back to the District.

We would like to thank Dallas for hosting a Great Labor Day Regional. Meeting Adjourned.