Texas Regional Conference
District 16

Minutes from July 1, 2000 Austin, Texas

President Scott Humphrey called the meeting to order at 9:30.

Voting members present: Tom Corlett (233), Jim Bauer (176), Larry Davis (207), Richard Kiepfer (172), Lu Edwards (174), Judy McDonald (205 and 173), Carol Schoenhals (197), Ross Robbins (237), Gus Becker (187), Tom Hughes (183). A Quorum is present. Eleven out of seventeen Unit representatives are present.

Guests and Committee Members present: Cindy Snider, Dewitt Hudson, Hugh Campbell, Sandy Campbell, Donna Compton, Penny Snow, Dan Morse, Jacque Tucker, Guillermo Poplowsky, Tom Whitesides, Al Lochli, Bob Gerberich

The minutes of the February meeting were approved as corrected.

It was reported that Bridgette Sandifer resigned from the District Board and from her position as District 16 Secretary. Accordingly, nominations were requested for a new District 16 Secretary. It was moved and seconded that Charlie Price be nominated for Secretary. He was then duly elected to be the next Secretary of District 16. In his absence Cindy Snider will record the minute

Tom Hughes presented the Treasurers report. The District has a balance of $10,926.91 as of June 25, 2000. All regional fees are being submitted and any past due amounts have been collected. It was agreed that the detail check register/financial report would be submitted to the Internet Coordinator for posting on the District 16 website.

Carol Schoenals reported that October 2, 2000 has been selected as the District Charity day.

It was reported that the Grand National Teams (GNT) Coordinator resigned and that nominations for a new coordinator would be accepted. Cindy Snider reported that Joe Quinn from Houston had expressed an interest. Al Lochli, Lu Edwards and Sandy Campbell all expressed their desire to serve. As this position now has four interested parties, Al Lochli withdrew his nomination. It was discussed that Joe Quinn's interest may have been due to the fact that the position was available without knowing the other nominees were interested. As such, a vote was held between Sandy Campbell and Lu Edwards. The vote was tied at 36 votes for each candidate. As such we discussed the possibility of Co-chairs and both Ms. Campbell and Ms. Edwards agreed to be Co-Chairs for the 2001 GNT's. Cindy Snider mentioned that Joe Quinn and Edie Wold both volunteered to be on a committee to review the conditions of contest.

There was extensive discussion as to the location and dates for the 2001 GNT's. Apparently, both Austin and Dallas have contracts without having received sanctions. Scoot reported that Austin had graciously agreed to host the GNT's when the rotation was suspended at the February meeting. Accordingly, Austin should not have to pay any penalties associated with rescinding on a contract. The two new Co-Chairs and Unit representatives from Dallas and Austin will met after the game on Saturday evening to further discuss this issue.

Betty Starzec reported on the Education and Membership. She commended both Houston and San Antonio for receiving the most rebates from the ACBL related to membership reporting and compliance. Ms. Starzec also distributed the membership statistics and the ACBL unit rebate report as well as information on certain meetings to be held in Anaheim at the summer nationals. Houston is doing very well at retaining their members.

Ms. Starzec discussed the fact that Audrey Grant will be presenting various workshops at the Houston Regional and that all teachers should make every effort to attend. The ACBL is participating in the costs to host Ms. Grant.

Guillermo reported on the Mexico Regional planned for October 23-29, 2000 in Puerto Vallerta. He stated that they have changed three polices related to the expenses that the tournament incurs. They have reduced the District 16-tournament coordinator's free room down from two free rooms to one free room. They have reduced the advertisement in the Bulletin from two pages to one page and the have reduced the commissions to the travel agent from 15% to 10%. With these changes in effect for the October tournament, he reports that the tournament will be profitable.

Jacque Tucker reported that Judy McDonald from Unit 205 is working diligently on the 2001 Regional. The location is Guadalajara and the dates are may 14-20, 2001. Unit 205 had guaranteed $1,500 for District 16 related to that tournament. Ms. McDonald reported that she is securing sponsorships and well on her way to a fabulous tournament. Ms. Tucker also reported that she is resigned her position as the District 16 Coordinator of the Mexico Regional. As such, she is recommending the Judy McDonald resume the responsibilities. Ms. McDonald agreed and it was unanimously approved that she would be the new coordinator for the Mexico Regional. Jacque Tucker was thanked for her years of service as the District 16 coordinator. Ms. Tucker also resigned her position as the District 16 Board of Governors representative effective after the Birmingham nationals. It was agreed that nominations would be requested in the Internet and in the Scorecard


Al Lochli reported on the status of the District 16 website. He appreciates any communications he can receive. We all agreed that he would post the District By-Laws, the minutes of the meetings and the financial report on the website.

North American Pairs- It was reported that the event will beheld at the Doubletree in Austin January 5-7, 2001. The rate at the hotel is $69.

Scorecard - All is well. It was agreed that Unit 205 will get approximately 50 copies of the Scorecard sent via overnight mail to Judy McDonald. She will distribute the copies.

StaC - Tom Whitesides reported that the StaC generated approximately 2,500 tables and will net about $800.

Board of Governors - Cincinnati -Dewitt reported that he had forwarded a written report.

District Director's Report - Dan Morse reported that September 1-30, 2000 will be Easy Bridge month. ACBL is losing money on Easy Bridge and this may be the last effort to support the concept. The Club Director's position will be phased out. E-mail's are up at the ACBL. The ACBL website ranks as the 126th most popular of all Not-for- Profit websites in the country.

State tournament - Eric Snow is working on the Conditions of Contest and will report at the September meeting. The idea is to have a State Champion. Each Unit should have a playoff for their representative there will be one champion for the state. There will only be one flight although players from all flights may enter. We would like to get the Governor and Mayor (of the city where the winners live) to present the trophy.

The World Bridge Federation is asking for the ACBL to pay them $1.00 per member as opposed to the current .10 per member to help in the effort to get bridge as an Olympic game.

Houston Nationals - Thank yous were extended to the District and to the host sites of the 2000 Regionals for the $1 contribution to the Spring Nationals in 2002. Mr. Morse thinks that the District should seriously consider naming a National Event at the spring nationals for George and Carol Dawkins. They were excellent tournament bridge players that attended District tournaments for many years. The ACBL sets the price of the National Events at $5,000.

Congratulations and thanks were extended to the Austin Unit for hosting a fantastic tournament as well as a delicious breakfast. The next meeting is set for Saturday, September 2, 2000 at the Fort Worth Regional.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00.