Houston Board Meeting, February 9, 2008

Meeting Called to Order:

Voting Members present: Eric Snow, 174; Gerrie Owen, 176; Tom Hughes, 183; Carol Schoenhals, 197; Mary Anne Laier, 207; David Pennington, 233; AlIa Mae Westbrook, 237, Norinne Nelson, 205.

Non-Voting Members present: Ira and Ellen HesseL 172; Martha De Cou, 187; Sally Blewett, 201; Larry Davis, 207; Howard Wilkins, 224; Jonathan Ernest, 225; Tom Whitesides, De Witt Hudson, Lew Levy Recognition of

Distinguished Guests: Jay Baum, CEO of ACBL; Dan Morse, President of ACBL; Herman Westbrook.

Outgoing President Eric Snow opens the floor for nominations for District 16 President. Larry Davis (Unit 207, Austin) is nominated. The nomination is seconded and he is elected.

The floor is opened for nominations for the remaining officers. All nominations are seconded and the following are elected: Ira Hessel (Unit 172, San Antonio), First V ice President; Tom Hughes (Unit 183, Fort Worth), Second Vice President; Mary Anne Laier (Unit 207, Austin), Executive Secretary; Lew Levy (Unit, 174, Houston), Executive Treasurer.

President Davis introduced Joyce Ryan of Houston as the new District IIN Coordinator.

President Davis introduced Michael Heymann, a member of the Board of Governors.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

It was suggested that the minutes be sent to Board members by email. The Treasurer's report was read and approved. Dan Morse spoke about the need for more publicity for bridge at all levels - unit, district and national. Seventy million people are about to be, or are, newly retired. This group is ripe for marketing and publicity by the bridge community. Ruth Francis at ACBL HQ has publicity packets available on request. There will be a 19 years of age and under NABC tournament held in Atlanta on July 3rd - 6th.

Jay Baum, ACBL CEO, was introduced by Dan Morse. Jay gave a brief report and fielded questions.

EducationlMembership: updated membership information given GNT: conditions of contest may need to be revised

NAOP: attendance/winners at district-level strongly tends to be from the larger units

Scorecard: unit representatives were reminded that Scorecard bills must be paid or tournament sanction requests would not be approved by the District. Also, no Scorecard ad is required for masterpoint-restricted tournaments. However, if an ad is run, it must be paid for. Mexico units are not billed for the Scorecard since their members do not receive it.

Charity: the District charity game netted $244. A date for the 2008 charity game will be announced later. A suggestion was made that a letter be sent to each Unit as a reminder of the charity game.

Puerto Vallarta: Dick and Norinne Nelson, co-chairs, gave a report. Table count was up and a profit was made. They thanked Guillermo Poplawsky for his help. The Nelsons and Lew Crippen will chair the next PV Regional.

Old Business: none

New Business: A motion was made and seconded that a Publicity Committee be formed. ACBL President Dan Morse spoke strongly for the establishment of such a committee. The motion carried. The District President will appoint a chairman. Several people expressed an interest in serving on the committee.

A motion was made and seconded concerning the PV Regional Tournament. There were four parts of the motion: (1) Unit 173 (sponsoring unit) gets 25% of any profit, (2) the District pays for a third hotel room, (3) the District pays for a fourth hotel room if the table count is over 900 tables, and (4) the District pays for a portable P A system (the District will own the P A system, but it will primarily be used and stored in Mexico). The motion carried.

The President thanked Houston for their hosting of the tournament.

The meeting was adjourned.