Houston Board Meeting, February 5, 2005

Meeting Called to Order:

Voting Members present: Ira Hessel, Unit 172; Eric Snow, Unit 174; Preston Morrow, Unit 176; Tom Hughes, Unit 183; Martha DeCou, Unit 187; Carol Schoenhals, Unit 197; Mary Ann Laier, Unit 207; Gay Roach, Unit 225; Tom Corlett, Unit 233, Sally Blewett, Unit 201

Non-Voting Members present: G. Poplawsky, Su Doe, Chris Compton, Donna Compton, Dewitt Hudson, Tom Whitesides, Scott Humphrey, John Zilic

There is a Quorum.

First order of business is to elect the 2005 Officers.

Tom Corlett: I just wanted to take a minute to summarize the past year as District 16 President. I have enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful people from around the District through my travels. The club players that make it to our sectionals, regionals, and NABCs are the lifeblood of the ACBL. We need to accommodate their needs and desires so that they remain a member of the ACBL.

I truly only began to understand the duties of my position about half way through my tenor as President. Now that I understand the ins and outs of the District Business, it is time to step aside. The Board may want to consider creating a two-year presidency to enable a more productive position.

Thank you for allowing me to be your President.

Nominations for all officers are requested:

Dewitt Hudson, Unit 183, was nominated for President. Gerrie Owen, Unit 176, was nominated for 1st Vice-President. Eric Snow, Unit 174, was nominated for 2nd Vice¬President. Donna Compton, Unit 176, was nominated for Executive Secretary. Tom Hughes, Unit 183, was nominated for Executive Treasurer. There being no other nominations, these officers were elected by acclamation.

District Representative Report (Dan Morse)

I would like to welcome our distinguished guests today - Jay Baum, ACBL CEO, and Roger Smith, ACBL 2005 President. We are funny fortunate to have them here with us today. I am also happy to report that the ACBL membership roles increased over 1000 membership in 2004. District 16, however, is still declining in membership. I strongly suggest that we take advantage of the Unit Growth Seminar and think of new ideas to increase out membership. We are currently 4th out of25 Districts.

The Housing Committee is hard at work looking for a new site for the Memphis Headquarters. I will keep you updated as our investigation continues.

Jay Baum: I just want to thank District 16 for allowing us to join you in your District meeting this morning. It's volunteers like you that make our organization so great. I want to reemphasize what Dan said about our overall membership numbers increasing over 1000 membership last year. I would like to see this trend continue in 2005. Thank you again for all of your wonderful contributions to bridge.

Roger Smith: I am very excited to be the ACBL President this year. I am enjoying traveling around to the different Districts and getting to know our membership - District 16 is no exception. Thank you for having me here today.

Treasurer's Report (Tom Hughes)

We have $9,792.58 in the bank.

Disciplinary (Sandy Campbell)

All is well.

Scorecard (Donna Compton)

The Advertising rates went into affect June 1, 2004 and we have had no complaints about the increase. Tom Hughes and I will have a Scorecard Budget available for review at the San Antonio Regional and provide a recommendation as to whether we need to raise additional funds to help pay for the cost of producing the Scorecard.

Board of Governors (Dewitt Hudson)

All is well.

Puerto Vallarta Regional (Judy McDonald)

Enjoy the sandy beach or lounge in the sun by the oversized pool. Experience Puerto Vallarta's sightseeing tours, deep sea fishing, golf, watersports, shopping, and fine dining. The Bridge rate is $80 per room + tax. Please see the upcoming Scorecards for bridge schedule and other details about the tournament. We look forward to seeing you in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico November 7-13, 2005.


Chris Compton: The Dallas USBF regional was a huge success. The players enjoyed themselves receiving a registration gift bag and daily treats throughout the tournament. The USBF broke even at the end of the day. We are looking forward to having everyone join us once again for the Houston USBG regional in May. Thank you again to District 16 and especially the Dallas and Houston volunteers working on the individual tournaments.


Truett Cates: The number of young ACBL members is extremely low and we need to take action to increase the number of young bridge players in the United States. I began a unique bridge program at Austin College in Sherman, TX where the college students enroll in an intense one-month bridge class. The following is a catalog description of the course:

This course introduces students to the game of Bridge, a member of the whist family of card games like its simple cousin, Spades. Daily lectures and readings present the game's basic techniques and strategies to beginners; daily practical sessions emphasize actual play. Requirements include readings, tests, lab reports, and off-campus competition. By the end of the course, students should be competent novices, with a sound foundation and an idea of the complexity of the game.

One of the requirements of the class was to attend the Dallas Sectional January 20-23, 2005. Not only did the students fulfill there attendance requirement, but they had a great time as well. We would like to invite everyone to join us on our campus April 8-10,2005 for our first 299er sectional.

If anyone is interested in starting this type of program at your college or university, please contact me at tcates@austincollege.edu for further details. I will be happy to discuss the parameters of the class with anyone interested.

Thank you Houston for your tournament. Meeting Adjourned.