Houston Board Meeting, February 28, 2004

Meeting Called to Order:
The meeting is called to order and the determination that a quorum was present was made. Voting Members present: Everette Lewis, Unit 172; Guillermo Poplawsky, Units 173/205; Eric Snow, Unit 174; Gerrie Owen, Unit 176; Tom Hughes, Unit 183; Tom Corlett, Unit 233; Alla Mae Westbrook, Unit 237; Gay Roach, Unit 225.

Non-Voting Members present:
Donna Compton, Dewitt Hudson, Tom Whitesides, Dan Morse, Charlie Price, Chris Compton; Sandy Campbell, Unit 176.

There is a Quorum.
First order of business is to elect 2004 Officers.

Nominations for all officers were requested. Tom Corlett, Unit 233 was nominated for President, Dewitt Hudson, Unit 183 was nominated for 1st Vice President, Gerrie Price, Unit 176 was nominated for 2nd Vice President, Tom Hughes, Unit 183 was nominated for Treasurer. There being no other nominations these officers were elected by acclamation.

Charles Price, Unit 176 and Sandy Campbell, Unit 176 were nominated for the position of Secretary. Vote Taken. Charlie Price was elected Secretary.

Chris Compton, Unit 176 was nominated for BOD 1st Alternate, Al Lochli was nominated for BOD 2nd Alternate. There being no other nominations these positions were elected by acclamation.

District Representative Report (Dan Morse)
Membership is up about 600 members from December 2002 through December 2003. This is not a great increase, but for a change is it nice to see a small increase instead of decreases as we have seen in the past. Units and districts, keep up the good work.

The ACBL no longer will charge for the replacement of lost Good Will pins.

I would like to welcome our 2004 ACBL President Bruce Reeves to our tournament here in Houston.

Bruce Reeves announced that this is the year of the volunteer and that we should each strive to bring in one new member a piece during 2004. He thanked Houston for such a hospitable tournament and said he was having a wonderful time getting to know the District 16 members.

Treasurer's Report (Tom Hughes)
The balance as of December 31, 2003 was $6,479.31. The Scorecard is running a deficit of approximately $10,000 a year. We need to raise money to offset the cost of the scorecard.

Committee Reports:
Appellate (Scott Humphrey)
All is well.

Awards (Eric Snow)
All is well.

Charity (Carol Schoenhals)
All is well.

GNT (Sandy Campbell & Lu Edwards)
All is well.

Membership & Education (Donna Compton)
The President needs to appoint a person for District Intermediate/Novice Coordinator. Sue Doe was nominated. President Tom Corlett officially appointed Sue Doe as District 16 IN Coordinator.

Unit Growth Seminar is a free seminar to the Units. Please encourage your unit to host a UGS in the near future. The District membership numbers were distributed as a starting point for tracking the progress of each individual unit's efforts towards membership recruitment and retention.

Internet (Charles Richards)
The Internet is being updated and revitalized with the help of Steve Bruce.

NAP (John Zilic)
Austin Unit 207 requests permission to host the 2007 NAP District Finals during the traditional January Austin Sectional. This request was tabled until the Austin Board meeting so that schedules could be reviewed.

Tournament (Charles Price)
The Financial Committee recommends that the Sanction Fee for the regionals be increased. MOTION: The Sanction Fees for District 16 Regionals will be increased from $1.15 to $1.40 beginning June 1, 2004. SECONDED. Vote Taken. MOTION CARRIED. None Opposed.

The USBF has been granted a sanction for a 2004 Regional. District 16 is a possible location for this regional.

Disciplinary (Louallen Leach)
All is calm.

Scorecard (Donna Compton)
The Financial Committee recommends that the Scorecard Ad rates be raised 25% across the board. MOTION: Scorecard rates will be raised 25% starting with the July/August 2004 issue. SECONDED. Vote Taken. MOTION CARRIED. None Opposed.

Board of Governors (Dewitt Hudson)
All is well.

Puerto Vallarta Regional (Judy McDonald)
Puerto Vallarta will not hold a Mexican Regional in 2004.

Austin Unit 207 requests that Austin be allowed to designate which day the extra $1 collected for the 2006 Dallas NABC is taken. Unit 207 prefers that the extra $1 be taken from either the Sunday or Monday sale rather than the Saturday sale during the Austin 2004 Regional. The requested was tabled until the Austin District Board meeting.

Thank you to Houston for your tournament. Meeting Adjourned.