Houston Board Meeting, February 2000

Meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m. by District 16 Representative Dan Morse in the absence of President Cindy Snider and the absence of Vice President Betsy Dubose.

Mr. Morse established that a quorum was present and called for election of new officers:

Scott Humphrey was elected by acclamation to the office of president.

He then presided over the meeting and called for nominations for the office of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Secretary and Executive Treasurer. The following were elected by acclamation:
Tom Hughes, Vice President
Brigitte Sandifer, Secretary
Carol Schoenhals, Treasurer
Cindy Snider, Ex. Secretary
Tom Hughes, Ex. Treasurer

Old Business: The reading and approval of the minutes of the prior board meeting was deferred per Scott Humphrey. (Minutes are in possession of Cindy Snider)

Treasurers Report:
District 16 showed income as the expenses for the year 1999 were approxomately 22k and expenses were 13,5 k

Appelate: No report

Awards: 10 units nominated players for the Texas Star Award, the pins to be presented are about $15 each.

NAP's: 3 units did not hold qualifying or did not report results, some units failed to request sanctions, while others failed to remit the list of qualifiers. The Houston unit reported a loss on the January 2000 event, Ft. Worth withdrew their application to hold the event in 2001, Houston was ask to hold the event again in 2001 along with the scheduled Regional. Houston will ask the Unit 174 board and will reply.

GNT's: District 16 voted to "Repeal the rotation between cities, take GNT back to Austin, unless Austin negotiates with another unit to hold the event". Rosemary Kelly also reported that no sanctions are needed to hold qualifying and that new flights, four levels, are in place for 2001. C - no change, B to 2000, a to 5000, and Super 5000+.

Education and Membership: Reported 152,680 total paid members of whom 110,000 are NLM. In order to receive rebates from Memphis, membership reports from each unit will be requested for a total of ten months in 2001. EasyBridge! had ten participants on Monday at the Houston Regional and expected 20 participants for Friday and Saturday.

Ethics & Disciplinary: Guidelines were presented and adopted.

Mexican Regional: Flyers were presented and a report will follow by Guillermo Poplawsky at the next meeting.

Regional Tournament Coordinator: All events are posted on the internet by Charlie Price.

Charity: No report

Scorecard: Would like a separate section for pictures of 299's. Needs all reports and pictures ASAP

Internet: Features schedules of no more than one week old. Other changes were made for technical reasons.

Board of Governors: DeWitt reported on highlights -
State of Texas tournament was voted on, 100% in favor
Flight B will go to 2000 beginning with the next NABC in Cincinnati

NABC 2002 Chair: Thanked Corpus Christi and Dallas for the surcharge at their recent Regional. Also reported that Houston held a blind logo contest and the winner was Arlene Weingarten. T-Shirts with the new logo were already being sold.

New Event - State Championship: Dan Morse reported that beginning in 2001 major cities can hold championship events that lead to a state championship playoff in the Fall of 2001. This is a opportunity to have mayoral dedications and press releases as publicity for bridge. Dan Morse also reported that the Hamman team was successful in winning gold in Bermuda, the Quinn team silver. Morse also spoke about getting bridge as a mind sport into the winter olympics. The moniker on the web is MSO (Mind Sports Organization).

ACBL President: Glenn Smith reported that he is enjoying the tournament and hopes to have expanded media exposure for bridge in the future and during 2002 Winter Olympics.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.