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For the first time in recent history, four D16 Fund/Foundation games were offered on March 20, 28, 29 and 30.

There are 156 active clubs in D16.  Twenty-nine clubs participated in the March 28 and 30 D16 charity games which collected $1492.  Six clubs participated in the March 20 and 29 games collecting $392 for the ACBL grassroots fund.

Sixty-eight grant requests were received for the D16 charity games fund.  $1492 was collected for the D16 charity games on March 28 and 30; three charities were chosen as grant recipients.  These funds were distributed equally to:

Friends of the Family, Denton

Friends of the Family provides shelter and free outreach services to those who have been affected by relationship violence and/or sexual assault.  

Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Foundation, Houston

The foundation promotes awareness of Mowat-Wilson Syndrome which is a medically complex syndrome that impacts many of the body systems.

Sick Children's Clinic, Lubbock

The clinic treats indigent children in the early stages of sickness, thereby lowering the infant mortality rate in Lubbock and surrounding areas.

TO ALL CLUBS:  For those who participated—THANK YOU!!!  Let's try for a LARGER participation next year!!!

Nancy Strohmer, D16 Charity Committee Chair