District News & Coming Attractions

D16 Board of Directors Election

As most of you know, Dan Morse resigned his position as our representative in 2016.  Since that time, Paul Cuneo has stepped up from First Alternate to fill out the remainder of Dan's term.

That term ends at the end of this year and voting for our new D16 director will begin August 15. Voting is done by all current Unit Board members serving in the district as of August 15, 2017. Each elector's vote is weighted by unit membership, so board members representing larger units have more voting power than electors from smaller units. The winning candidate will have the majority of the votes cast.

We are very fortunate to have two excellent candidates running for this important position - Paul Cuneo and Steve Kornegay. They have declared their candidacy and have been accepted as a qualified candidate by the ACBL Director of Elections. The ACBL Board of Directors make very important decisions in the governance and direction of our organizations, so it is important that our voting membership select a strong and capable representative. 

One of the candidates listed will be D16's new representative for the ACBL Board of Directors.  We strongly encourage everyone, not just voting members, to look them over, educate yourself on their issues, and speak to your Unit Board members prior to their vote. Remember that your board members speak for you!

You can Paul's statement here and Steve's here.

North American Pairs

District 16 A/B/C finals will be January 20 (2 qualifying sessions) and January 21 (2 final sessions), 2018 at the Omni Hotel in San Antonio.

Unit Coordinators should send list of unit final qualifiers within 3 days of unit final to Roxie Tom, District Coordinator, at rtom85@yahoo.com.

Club-qualified players may play in any ONE Unit Final per stratification within District 16. Special permission is NOT required.

Please Check with local site as posted times may be tentative.

Unit Name Flight Date Time Location
172 San Antonio ABC Sat, Oct 7 10:00/TBA Fiesta Bridge Club
173 San Miguel No Information available at press time Club de Bridge Amigos
174 Houston B Sat, Oct 14 10:00/TBA Bridge Club of Houston
AC Sun, Oct 15 10:00/TBA Bridge Club of Houston
176 Dallas C Sun, Sept 17 1:30/TBA BAND
B Sun, Sept 24 1:30/TBA Dorsey's Bridge Studio
A Sun, Oct 1 1:30/TBA Dorsey's Bridge Studio
183 Fort Western AC Sun, Sept 10 12:30/TBA Ft Worth Bridge Studio
B Sun, Oct 15 12:30/TBA Ft Worth Bridge Studio
187 Corpus Christi ABC Sat, Sept 30 10:30/TBA Bridge Club of South Texas
197 Llano Estacado ABC Sun, Oct 15 1:30/TBA The Bridge Center
201 Sabine Neches ABC Sat, Nov 4 9:30/TBA Beaumont Bridge Studio
204 Fort Concho ABC Sat, Oct 14 10:00/2:00 Sue Barber Bridge Center
205 Amistad No Information available at press time Lake Chapala DBC
207 Texas Capitol ABC Sat, Oct 14 10:00/2:30 The Bridge Center of Austin
209 Greater Permian Basin ABC Sat, Sept 9 10:00/TBA Allison Bridge Center
224 Fort Phantom No Information available at press time Mabel Lillius Bridge Studio
225 East Texas ABC Sat, Oct 7 10:00/2:00 Senior Citizen Center
233 Central Texas ABC Sun, Sept 10 1:00 Bridge Studio in Temple
237 Magic Valley No event scheduled
353 Wichita Falls ABC Sun, Oct 8 1:30 Wichita Falls Bridge Club


Opportunity for Teachers and Club Owners or Managers

The ACBL Board of Directors Club Taskforce will be considering options for improving the incentive program for teachers and clubs that recruit new members.  Paul Cuneo, who is D16's representative on the Board, is a member of the taskforce and will be holding a workshop at the Dallas Regional on Thursday, August 31, from 8:30 am until 9:30 am in the playing area.  All teachers, club owners and club managers are invited to participate.

For those who are not able to attend, please send your thoughts to Paul by August 23, so they can be considered at the workshop to paulcuneo@sbcglobal.net.

Current incentives can be found here.


For the first time in recent history, four D16 Fund/Foundation games were offered on March 20, 28, 29 and 30.

There are 156 active clubs in D16.  Twenty-nine clubs participated in the March 28 and 30 D16 charity games which collected $1492.  Six clubs participated in the March 20 and 29 games collecting $392 for the ACBL grassroots fund.

Sixty-eight grant requests were received for the D16 charity games fund.  $1492 was collected for the D16 charity games on March 28 and 30; three charities were chosen as grant recipients.  These funds were distributed equally to:

Friends of the Family, Denton

Friends of the Family provides shelter and free outreach services to those who have been affected by relationship violence and/or sexual assault.  

Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Foundation, Houston

The foundation promotes awareness of Mowat-Wilson Syndrome which is a medically complex syndrome that impacts many of the body systems.

Sick Children's Clinic, Lubbock

The clinic treats indigent children in the early stages of sickness, thereby lowering the infant mortality rate in Lubbock and surrounding areas.

TO ALL CLUBS:  For those who participated—THANK YOU!!!  Let's try for a LARGER participation next year!!!

Nancy Strohmer, D16 Charity Committee Chair